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Turnt Up Breaking News Mobile Android App Is The Best Breaking News App

In a perpetually breaking news cycle, a powerful but unobtrusive news app is essential. These top-ranked apps offer customizable notifications, personalized experiences and human-curated articles that save you from clickbait articles that waste your time.

Apple News is a beautiful, easy-to-use app that curates news to fit your interests using an algorithm based on your past reading behavior. The free app offers global news and local news, with tabs for trending topics, world news, and Good News that shares lighthearted stories to make you smile. It also offers a subscription that unlocks dozens of magazines and newspapers, though you can still get a great deal of breaking news for free with the free version of the app.

Bloomberg delivers the business and financial news that investors crave in a lightweight, unobtrusive app. The app features a Markets tab that provides at-a-glance insights into all major markets (including forex, bonds and cryptocurrencies), customizable breaking news alerts and the option to input your shareholdings for real-time stock quotes and company news.

Reuters is the news app of choice for many who appreciate unbiased journalism, and it’s not hard to see why. The app is home to 2,500 reporters in 200 locations and delivers a full range of news covering every topic, from sports to politics to the economy. The app offers a personalized experience, breaking news alerts and even lets you check out the latest headlines in a glance with its widget on your home screen.

Google News is another top-ranked aggregator that has the power to pull in all of your favorite news sources and create an organized feed based on what you’re interested in. It can even recommend specific sources that you may not have considered before, making it a useful tool for discovering new content.

Flipboard is one of the most fun-to-use news apps out there, with a stunning visual interface that encourages you to engage with the story you’re reading. The app can also display your social media feeds for a complete news experience in one place, as well as provide a live-streaming TV channel within the app to bring you up to speed on current events.

Feedly was one of the first news aggregators to make its way onto smartphones, and it remains a popular choice with users. The free app offers a variety of view formats, including magazine and card views, distraction-free excerpts that link to the source article with a single tap and the ability to tag stories for later review. It also has social sharing options, a night mode and the option to sign in to sync your preferences across devices. The app is available for both iOS and Android.