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Perth U

Is Our Education Institution Too Private?

A recent article in the school newspaper asked “Should Public Schools Become Private? “, and this article asked a number of interesting questions about what our education system should be about, and what we need to have from our public education system.

Our Environment

In this article, we were encouraged to think outside of the box and learn from other countries on what their education system is like, and why it works so well. I have heard that in some schools, teachers can actually teach from home online, and have more time to do their own learning and have more fun while teaching their students. This really is an exciting idea and one that are not being explored enough, and I hope someday we do, because it is such an important part of our education system.

Learn By Doing

In our education system, we know that a primary goal is to get our children educated. It is important for them to understand what is going on in the world, and for them to learn the skills that they need for life. But, some people are not quite as interested in learning, they just want to be right at home, or they would prefer to go to college or get a higher degree. It seems to me that our public school system, when all is said and done, is too focused on getting a child to school to focus on the things that will make that child into a well-rounded person, and someone who can really make a difference in the world.


Our Mission & Vision

┬áIn fact, I think if we look at the way our public education system was set up in the early 20th century, it was more or less set up to train only the first generation of students into high school. We have to continue to do that, and I believe we are doing that, but it has taken on a very different meaning, with more emphasis put on things like college degrees, as opposed to what was once considered “primary education.”

I believe there should be more emphasis on basic courses, such as science, reading, and mathematics, because these are the types of things that will teach kids how to think for themselves and how to be independent. They are not simply “crib work,” but they are something that young children learn early in life and it is one of the most important lessons they can learn. It is also an important part of getting out of poverty, because by taking classes and getting a higher education, you will be able to get better paying jobs and have better opportunities later on.

A Word

From Our Principal

” Some people may think that it is difficult to raise children in a private school and to attend a private school is better, but it really isn’t. People tend to think in terms of “money” when they are talking about how a public school system works, but there are ways to make it work, and it is a good way to go about it. “

– Jessica Austin

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