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The Home Edit is a television show with a lot of detractors. Some critics have compared it to one big Container Store commercial. The assistants are all white women, the product lineup is almost exclusively plastic, and the personalities of the editors are sometimes grating. Others just don’t like the show.

Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine has acquired the lifestyle brand The Home Edit, which is known for its Emmy-winning television show. The brand serves a largely female audience in cities like Miami, NYC, Orange County, and Nashville. It also offers travel services, and sells multiple product lines in retail stores worldwide. The company’s founders are authors of bestselling books.

The Home Edit sells full-service organizing services in nine US cities, as well as DIY services globally. The brand has also developed partnerships with companies such as Walmart. It will debut its second season in 2022. The company also owns a production company, Hello Sunshine, which focuses on female-driven stories.

The company plans to expand the brand’s reach by partnering with YouTube and other content creators. The goal of the partnership is to further the company’s mission to empower women. The company plans to expand its product offering and create new ways for viewers to engage with the brand. Hello Sunshine’s goal is to build a brand that inspires, educates, and motivates women.

Clea Shearer

If you’re looking for a new show to binge watch on Netflix, Get Organized with Clea Shearer’s THE Home Edit may be just what you’re looking for. Fans of the show include Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, and Mindy Kaling.

Clea Shearer, the pro organizer behind Netflix’s “Get Organized with The Home Edit,” has a personal reason for promoting her organizing system: her own battle with cancer. In March 2022, Clea Shearer was diagnosed with breast cancer. While the treatment wasn’t life-threatening, the process left her exhausted mentally and physically.

Thankfully, Clea Shearer’s battle with cancer is over. Her show on Netflix has been a huge success. Her show has grown into a household name, and it even has a following on social media. Fans can’t get enough of Clea Shearer and her inspiring tips for getting organized.

After launching THE HOME EDIT, Shearer shot to fame. Shearer and her co-host Joanna Teplin began organizing spaces for celebrities. Their clients included Khloe Kardashian and Reese Witherspoon’s production company. The show has gained a massive following on Instagram, and it even has its own special magazine issue. But beyond their success with celebrity clients, the show is making waves of its own.

In April, Shearer revealed she was diagnosed with invasive mammary cancer. The tumors she found were aggressive and spread to her lymph nodes. As a result, she underwent a nine-hour double mastectomy. Following the procedure, Shearer underwent chemotherapy and radiation. She also underwent reconstruction surgery.

Joanna Teplin

The Home Edit by Joanna Teplin is one of the bestselling home organization books of all time. Fans include Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, and Mindy Kaling. This book has become a Netflix series. The book’s main goal is to help you get organized and stay that way.

The book also offers helpful tips for traveling. It features packing ideas and travel organization tips. Teplin’s husband, Jeremy Rubin, is a promotion manager for Warner Bros. Records, and the couple has two daughters. They met at a party and soon started The Home Edit. Teplin and Shearer were hired by a number of celebrities to reorganize their homes.

In addition to the tips in the book, the authors also provide helpful advice for making your home look better. For example, they suggest storing plastic dishware in a convenient location, while organizing pantry items by color. As a result, The Home Edit can transform your chaotic home into a place of comfort and tranquility.

The Home Edit co-founders, Joanna Teplin and Clea Teplin, are now launching their own podcast called “Best Friend Energy.” The show will feature interviews with home organization experts and guests.

Instagram feed

The Home Edit Instagram account has more than 1.7 million followers. It has several sections, including “organizers” and “Sutton.” In fact, Sutton has his own tab on Instagram. Despite the company’s popularity, many people are skeptical about the organization business. The Home Edit’s website is not entirely informative.

The brand is part of Hello Sunshine, the media company founded by Reese Witherspoon. The team wears uniforms tailored for the brand, from bright tops to stretchy jeans and $500 Golden Goose sneakers. The homey vibe is reflected in the company’s colorful Instagram feed.

The Home Edit is a Nashville-based company that offers home organization services and products. Its Instagram feed has thousands of real-life projects and storage ideas. The company sells storage products, custom labels, and other items to help you organize your life. It also has a blog where you can get advice and tips for organizing your home.

The book is well-organized, with images grouped by home category. There are also chapters for self-care, technology, travel, family, pets, and necessities. Despite the seriousness of the subject matter, the photographs and narration have a fun, quirky feel. In addition, the authors’ eccentric personalities shine through.

The Home Edit is not only a home organisation service, but a lifestyle brand. Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin are Nashville-based mums who have a huge following on Instagram. Their services have become so popular that they even have a two-month waiting list for appointments. Many celebrities are clients, including actress Tiffani Thiessen, who posted an Instagram photo of her newly organised pantry.

Cost of services

The Home Edit offers interior design services for a fee, which varies depending on the city. For instance, a one-hour appointment in Atlanta will cost $195, while the same service in LA will cost $250. Nashville rates are slightly lower, at $185 per hour. Prices may also be lower if you are located outside of the company’s base cities. Prices may also vary depending on the number of team members and the number of days needed for a project.

The Home Edit charges $185-$250 per hour for their home staging services, depending on the size and complexity of your home. You will be required to provide the necessary supplies, as well as cover travel and lodging expenses. The service is currently available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. However, it is expanding to additional cities soon.

Although The Home Edit has a celebrity following, most services are accessible for the average homeowner. The company sells organizing products and books, and has a Netflix show. Pricing varies according to the time of year, location, and number of team members. The cost also covers expenses for airfare, hotel, and meals.

Virtual services are also available from The Home Edit. Virtual DIY consultations can include one-hour video chats or a full-day virtual consultation. These services can include organization advice, purging recommendations, and placement suggestions.