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If you’re looking for the best Facebook bot for your business, you’ve come to the right place. Facebook has launched Messenger bots for businesses, and these can handle 75% of customer queries without the need for human intervention. You can even combine a Facebook bot with the new connection tools available for business owners.


The ChatterOn Messenger Bot App is a free chatbot-building platform that helps you build and customize chatbots for Facebook Messenger. It has a user-friendly interface and more than 20 pre-built bots to get you started. With ChatterOn, you can create unlimited chatbots and send up to 15K messages a month with no coding knowledge required.

Messenger Bots use artificial intelligence (AI) to answer questions and respond to messages. They are a great way to increase sales, increase engagement, and boost customer service. Almost half of all Facebook users use Messenger, so they are a great marketing tool. Creating a Facebook bot that can answer questions and help people find products and services is easy and free.

Facebook Messenger bots use Facebook’s notification system to send notifications. The messaging platform makes it easy for users to find your bot by generating a link using the page’s username. These links are displayed on the user’s screen. That means more people will see your message, which will increase your conversion rates.

Chatfuel allows you to build Facebook chatbots with the least amount of programming. It uses an AI system that scans Facebook and learns keywords and phrases to create a conversation. Its AI chatbot also allows you to transfer the conversation to a live person if the bot is unable to answer a question.

Facebook Messenger chatbots are becoming a vital part of the business world. By using them, businesses are able to provide higher-quality customer service. Businesses need to respond to customer messages quickly and efficiently. The best chatbots are responsive to customers’ needs. They can help them make decisions faster and provide more value.

AMEX Messenger bot

American Express has announced plans to introduce an Amex bot on Facebook Messenger that will provide customers with real-time purchase notifications and key benefit information. The company discussed its plans at the Cannes Lions Innovation Festival in France. However, the company did not give any details on how soon the bot would be available. The company says that the program will enter a pilot phase for U.S. cardholders within the coming months.

Facebook Messenger has also become a popular place for media outlets to reach out to their followers. The Guardian, for example, deployed a Facebook chatbot to promote its products. It requires user input and has the ability to recommend articles and top stories based on users’ interests. Other features include swiping between decision cards and changing topic categories. In another experiment, American Express teamed up with Facebook Messenger and developed a Messenger bot to keep customers updated on their transactions, provide tips and recommendations, and even make transactions.

Sephora is another retailer who is using Messenger to engage its consumers. The company’s Messenger chatbots are able to help customers find nearby stores, make appointments, and more. They also have a feature called Sephora Color Match, which allows users to scan an image of a product and receive the closest colour match.

The platform is also very easy to use and has a large library of pre-built chatbots. Users do not need to code and can choose from over 20 bots built for Facebook Messenger. The platform also provides an advanced chatbot logic and customization features. Users can build as many bots as they want and send up to 15K messages per month.

Facebook wants developers to build successful Messenger bots, and it wants to help them make their work easier. That’s why it’s providing more guidance for developers. By giving developers more guidance, the platform hopes to create more innovative experiences for their users. This will make Messenger more enjoyable for everyone.


The Healthtap Messenger Bot App is a chatbot designed for people who are looking for health advice. The chatbot mimics the sales process, asking general questions and narrowing down preferences before showing you options. If you want to talk to a doctor, you can even ask the bot to initiate a conversation.

The HealthTap Messenger Bot App works by submitting your questions to a network of more than 108,000 doctors. Whether you’re wondering if you should take an aspirin or avoid taking a blood thinner, you can use this free app to find out. The app also provides notifications about flight changes and other alerts. It is handy to track your flights, since all you need to do is enter the flight number, and the bot will look it up for you.

Another great feature of the HealthTap Messenger Bot App is its ability to answer your questions directly in Messenger. When you ask a question, the bot will display responses from other users who have asked similar questions. The HealthTap Messenger Bot App also has a library of health tech tools, online health educational content, and Live Virtual Consults. The platform allows you to receive free medical advice from a network of more than 100,000 doctors across 141 specialties.

There are many things to consider before developing a chatbot for your business. Firstly, think about what you want your users to do with your app. Some tasks are better suited for mobile phones than others. It’s important to think about the use cases from the customer’s perspective.

Another great feature of Messenger Bots is their ability to simulate conversations. Unlike other chatbots, Facebook Messenger bots can mimic human conversations so that it doesn’t feel like you’re talking to a robot. This makes the chatbot more realistic for people who have trouble communicating with a human.


Messenger Bots have been a hit with users, but the platform has lacked a central directory of them. Users had to look for them by searching for them within the app, and the bots didn’t always talk back to them. Furthermore, users weren’t always sure how to get them to talk, or how to navigate their many sections. To address these issues, Facebook is working on adding a bot discovery feature to its platform.

For businesses, Messenger bots are a powerful way to reach their audience. These bots can deliver content to customers in the form of personalized chat messages, or newsletters. These messages can share information about upcoming sales, events, or new products. The bots can also combine customer segmentation to create customized messages.

Facebook’s newest bot technology could give businesses a better way to interact with their customers. By making Messenger bots compatible with the new Messenger Platform, companies can deliver automated customer support, e-commerce guidance, or interactive experiences. The new capabilities could improve Messenger loyalty and compete with SMS. Companies like 1-800-Flowers and Burger King have already announced that they will offer Messenger bot functionality. Additionally, CNN could use a bot to deliver their daily news digest.

Facebook Messenger bots can be created using Chatfuel, a free tool that allows you to create chatbots without having to know any code. It comes with ready-made templates, such as TechCrunch’s bot, which allows you to send customized messages to all users and automate recurring messages.

Chatfuelbot, on the other hand, has a feature that helps users keep track of topics that they are interested in. Users can subscribe to different topics, authors, or sections of TechCrunch, and Chatfuel can deliver news and articles about those topics. Chatfuel has even gained the backing of Yandex, the Russian equivalent of Google.

Messenger bots have become increasingly popular in the past few years. While they were once lifeless and robotic, modern bots can now understand conversational language and provide a human-like experience. Some bots have even learned to respond to customer queries.