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Fulton is a small city located in western Oswego County, New York. Its population is 11,896 according to the 2010 census. It is named after a man who invented a steamboat. The city is home to a number of attractions, including Five Corner Lake, Via Aquarium, Falley Seminary, and Rowlee Beach.

Five Corner Lake

There are several things to do in Fullerton, New York, but if you are looking for a quiet retreat away from it all, consider a visit to the city’s parks and natural areas. While Fullerton is famous for being the birthplace of the electric guitar, it is also a vibrant community known for its outdoor activities and agriculture. For instance, you can visit the 510-acre nature preserve in West Coyote Hills, where you can see cactus wrens, California quail, and coyote brush.

Fullerton’s weather is Mediterranean all year round, and spring is a great time to take advantage of the fresh flowers, birds, and animals that fill the park’s green spaces. There are also plenty of opportunities for fishing, as Laguna Lake Park is one of the city’s most popular spots for outdoor activities. It has dirt trails and open areas, as well as the beautiful oasis of Laguna Lake.

If you’re looking for some cultural activities, Fullerton is home to the Muckenthaler Art and Cultural Center. This 26-acre botanical garden is home to over 4,000 different species of plants. It also includes a modern agricultural museum. It’s located on the campus of California State University. You can find a variety of events and classes here, including classes for art appreciation.

Fullerton is also home to the Clayes Performing Arts Center, a state-of-the-art performance center that honors the memory of the late Fullerton alumnus and donor, Joseph A.W. Clayes III. The facility houses several settings for performing arts, including the James D. Young Theatre, which is designed to put the actors at the center of the stage. Other venues include the Vaughncille Joseph Meng Concert Hall and the Hallberg Theatre, which boasts flexible seating and is known for its experimental performances.

Via Aquarium

If you’re looking for an aquarium that’s fun for the whole family, the Via Aquarium is a great place to start. It’s a free place located near Lake Shore Dr. and Fullerton Pkwy. If you prefer a more suburban environment, you can also check out the Brookfield Zoo on 1st Ave. and 31st St., where you can view some unusual exhibits like pulsing jellyfish. Another great family-friendly experience is the Buccaneer Pirate Adventure Cruise, which leaves from the Wagner Charter Cruise Co. Dock near the Wells/Orleans St. bridges.

Falley Seminary

If you are visiting Fullerton, New York, there are plenty of things to do. Whether you love music, history, or sports, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy and entertained during your trip. Whether you want to go on a hike or take a picnic, Fullerton has something to offer every type of visitor.

Another thing to do while visiting Fullerton is to visit the Fullerton Museum Center. This museum was founded in 1904 and was transformed into its current form in 1985. It features exhibits on local history, art, and figures. It also hosts different programs and shows, including paranormal stories.

Fullerton has a number of other attractions, including an arboretum and a 26-acre botanical garden. Whether you enjoy hiking or gardening, Fullerton Arboretum is a great place to spend a day or an afternoon. You’ll find a wide variety of plants and flowers in this 26-acre garden.

The Fulton Select School, which was a church-run school in the 1840s, was a Christian institution and advocate for thorough Christian education. In 1856, John P. Griffin became the owner of Falley Seminary, which was named after him. Griffin was a generous man who was committed to Christian education. His administration was efficient and the school had a large student body.

Fulton County Museum

If you love history and local culture, then you should not miss the Fulton County Museum. Located in the town of Fulton, this historical society has been around for 70 years, and is largely volunteer-run. In fact, it only hired its first full-time Executive Director in June 2019. The members of the community created the exhibits and programs themselves, understanding how important it is to protect the history of the Fulton County area.

In Fulton, you can also visit Fulton County Courthouse. This was originally the Tryon County Courthouse, but that name didn’t sit well with the locals. The Fulton County Courthouse was designed by Samuel Fuller, and has undergone many changes throughout the years.

In 1972, the Fulton County Historical Society applied for an absolute charter from the NYS Regents to build the museum. The board of the organization formed a committee to explore the idea of a permanent museum. They also looked into turning the old Nathan Littauer Hospital into a museum and cultural center, but it was razed before the museum could be built.

The Fulton County Museum is among the best places in Fulton New York for children and adults alike. This museum features exhibits on everything from Native American antiques to military artifacts. It also has a collection of public service equipment and technology.

Utica Zoo

The Utica Zoo is a regional zoo located in Utica, New York. The zoo is located on a section of Roscoe Conkling Park. The zoo features various types of animals and is a must-see for any animal lover.

Visitors will be delighted to know that the Utica Zoo has several special events throughout the year. During Easter, children can visit Eggstravaganza to meet the Easter Bunny and learn about different kinds of animals that lay eggs. For Mother’s Day, the zoo also offers free admission to mothers. In addition, there are special events for dads and children such as the New York Power Authority Wildlife Festival, Spooktacular, and the Holiday Hoot.

The Utica Zoo also offers an abundance of educational activities. The Beaversprite Nature Center, which was originally a wildlife sanctuary, serves as the hub for the zoo’s activities. It offers field trips, guided tours, and special night hikes.

If you have children, take them to the Utica Zoo to see some of the more exotic animals. This zoo houses more than 200 animals from 85 different species and is open throughout the year. Kids can also enjoy camel feedings and sea lion shows. The Utica Zoo is located in Roscoe-Conkling Park, which was donated by Thomas Proctor in 1909. Proctor had envisioned a park that would be similar to Central Park in New York City.