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Although bath salts can be found all around the world, not many people know about the Dead Sea salt. If you are interested in buying salts and want to learn more about it, this article will teach you all about Dead Sea salt and its benefits. Salt plays a major role in our lives; we use it for cooking, cleaning and bathing. Below are some of the reasons why Dead Sea salt is important:

bath salts

The healing power of bath salts. Himalayan crystal salts are used as an essential ingredient in most bath salts. Dead Sea salt & mud are also used to heal various skin ailments & joint arthritis. Moreover, it has been proven that Dead Sea salts can help you lose weight because of its high nutrient content, minerals and salt content which are very useful for the human body.

Boosting metabolism. Our body produces heat when we use it. Our body uses the heat produced by our metabolism to help us relax, relieve stress & alleviate tension. In order to make the most out of our metabolism, it is important to have the right proportion of essential oils along with the regular bath salts so that the hot water can deliver the right amount of essential oils and heat.

Stimulation of lymphatic drainage. Dead Sea salt & mud products stimulate the lymphatic system of our body. These essential oils stimulate the lymphatic vessels and help them remove waste materials from the blood. In fact, most of the anti-aging & anti-depressants sold in the market contain active ingredients that stimulate lymph flow. So, the more you bath salts that you use, the more your body will benefit from the relaxing effects of the essential oils and the increased circulation.

Use bath salts to increase blood flow to feet. Our feet, or our feet’s nerve endings are directly connected to our brain. When we take a bath with essential oil, this increases the blood flow to our feet. Aromatherapy experts say that using bath salts together with foot soak provides the best therapeutic effect on both skin and the feet. By increasing the blood flow, the skin complexion as well as the texture of the skin of the feet are improved.

Increase sodium content of the body. People assume that any type of bath salts, whether orange or potassium, can boost the sodium content of the body. However, this is not true. According to research, sodium can only be increased by eating salty foods like salted fish, dried beans, white bread, and potato chips, or by drinking salty beverages like alcohol, soda, coffee etc.

Relieve joint pain. Many people, especially those suffering from osteoarthritis in their knee joints, do not consider bath salts a viable alternative for bathing. There are bath salts containing calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium, which when combined with hot water can ease the pain, swelling, and stiffness caused by arthritic conditions. People who take baths or showers with these products not only feel more relaxed but also see improvement in their conditions. Some manufacturers of such products are even developing bath salts with herbs that help relieve arthritis pain.

By far Epsom salt and sodium chloride are the best ways to soothe your joints. You should know however, that even though there are bath salts that contain these two ingredients, Epsom salt and sodium chloride are the best way to take them. The reason why Epsom salt and sodium chloride are better options than other bath salts is because they are all-natural and come straight from the earth.

Stress relief. It has been well established that regular taking of bath salts can relieve stress. The Epsom salt in particular has calming and soothing effects on the body, as does sodium chloride. In some studies done on lab rats, bath salts were found to be as effective as different kinds of anti-depressants. The reason for this is because bath salts stimulate the reflex points around the body and these stimulate the central nervous system.

As you can see bath salts have multiple health benefits. Some of these you may not have even thought about. Did you know that taking warm bath water instead of cold does not burn fat? In fact it has been found that taking warm bath water regularly releases natural hormones that cause fat burning in your body? This way you can achieve not only a more beautiful and healthy appearance but also to lose weight at the same time!

When it comes to what bath salts to use you should think about the above information first. If you still want more information about bath salts and whether they are right for you, consider clicking here to read more. You will discover a great selection of mineral bath products from a wide range of suppliers. Not only will you find a wide selection of bath products to choose from. You will also discover that each product has its own unique set of benefits and minerals that make it perfect for baths or showers.