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Clones can be removed from healthy vegetative plants. However, when they are very young, be careful not to overload the plant. Make sure there have been no recent traumatic experiences such as a transplant or dehydration.

When you remove cuttings from the mother plant, it can take several days to restore them, in proportion to the amount removed. During this time, you should avoid further cutting.

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What do I need to retrieve the clones?

The following items are useful when preparing to pick up multiple clones of marijuana:

Sterile razors/scissors

This prevents infection of the clones and mother plants.

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Rooting Agent

You will need something to insert the clone until the clone begins to get rid of it.

Dome for humidity

This will help you keep the humidity high.


This way you can monitor temperature and humidity.

Optional root hormone (gel or powder)

These products are used to encourage root development. They can help increase the survival rate and reduce the time it takes for clones to successfully lay roots.

Optional heating mat for seedlings

This is used to ensure the root medium remains at a temperature that will promote root growth. The cloning method allows us to reproduce top quality clones for sale in Los Angeles, in the fastest time possible. Clones are cut from a desirable parent and allowed 2 weeks to grow roots before they’re ready to be boxed and sent out for delivery.