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Quartz offers design flexibility you don't get with granite – bright colors can make a statement in a modern kitchen, and remember that it's durable too. The area that granite shows over the quartz is that on the rare occasions where it breaks, it is easier to repair.

The Quartz desired stone surface is incredibly durable and lasts indefinitely. However, to protect the coating, you should be careful with acids, heat, and sharp tools. Remember to only clean it with warm, soapy water. Do not use heavy or abrasive detergents.

Starlight quartz tiles also have great functions when it comes to cleanliness. They are waterproof and protect the surface of microbes. This way you can cook on a beautiful kitchen table without worrying about germs on your food. 

In the kitchen where water is frequently used, the quartz surface resists standing water and prevents mold from growing. Avoid total seepage with suitable grouting. This way the tiles and pads stay fresh for a long time. 

Another advantage of white tile with starlight is that it reflects light beautifully and creates a cheerful and bright space in the kitchen. Large-format tiles with white starlight tiles give a unique dimension to your interior. You can combine white tiles with other colors for extra appeal.

For the kitchen countertop, use modern techniques with rounded edges for a modern look. The neutral hue is very attractive and creates the illusion of more space in the room. You will find countless design options on the Internet and in design magazines. Focus on them and create beautiful interiors that will last a lifetime.