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Choosing high-quality natural candles as gifts for your friends and family from the environment has become easier with the emergence of soy candles. Soy wax is made from hardened soybean oil, a natural and renewable resource. You can also buy beautiful Soy lights in Australia.

The use of natural soy wax provides fresh air for candle lovers in their home, as soy wax does not produce soot that stains walls and interiors. This is sure to impress and shows that you took the time to choose a gift.

Natural candles, made by hand from renewable resources, sound great – wait until you find out the benefits of soy wax and you will be totally transformed by this new kid on the candle/gift block market.

Aren't all-natural waxes like beeswax the same? What's the difference between a candle made from soy wax?

A., Unlike beeswax, soy wax does not have a strong taste, so it is a better "blank" base for all flavors and essential oils. You can also buy soy wax candles in a variety of colors and shapes.

 What do burning soy candles mean cooler and last longer?

 Cold soy wax reduces the risk of severe burns from melted wax. This is especially important for consumers with children and pets who may accidentally spill something.

 Soy wax is described as having a "pleasant aroma." What does it mean?

 This means that the soy scented candle will fill the room with a strong, long-lasting fragrance. Soy wax also has a natural burning and odor and is cleaner than paraffin wax, which contains added chemicals and is known to cause headaches in humans.