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Investing in the Stock Market With Robinhood Free Stock Apps

If you are an individual person with stock market experience but lack the time or knowledge to do the research necessary to pick stellar stocks, then you should consider obtaining a free stock robinhood account. A robinhood account, also called a discount broker account, offers free trades at a low cost. robinhood is one of the largest stock brokers in the world, with over 4.5 million stock trades per day. You have to pay a small fee for each trade, but it is well worth the price. You can open your account online, or at a brick-and-mortar branch of some of the world’s most respected brokerage firms.

The free stock robinhood free stock program was started in May of 2009. At the time, it was the only online brokerage firm that offered to let its clients use their own capital without charging a fee. Today, there are two trading days per week. You can receive your picks via email, text message or by phone – no more waiting on hold on the phone line at the stock market.

There are two free stock app selections from robinhood that you should definitely check out. The first is the Equity Smart Portfolio, which allows you to customize your own investment portfolio very quickly and easily. This is accomplished by using an online interactive Q&A format that takes just a few minutes to complete. After you’ve completed this app, you have the ability to customize all of your future trades by selecting the stocks, currency pairs, ETFs and mutual funds that you want to include in your portfolio.

The second free stock app from robinhood is the Better Business Bureau Stock Partner Program. This particular app was created specifically for the US investors. Here, you can find information about many popular penny stock companies, as well as companies that provide investment options for small cap stocks and mid-cap stocks. The program also provides educational tools for investors to help them understand the stock market better. You can access this app at any time from your laptop, smart phone, tablet or computer. Because many people are simply not regular traders or stock market investors, this may be the best choice for them if they are planning to start investing in the stock markets.

robinhood also offers a free newsletter that gives you investment advice and provides recommendations about many different stocks. This newsletter comes from their award winning quantitative specialists, John Grace and Brian Gardner. These experts have been investing and writing about financial markets since 2005. They have a track record of being right on their predictions about where the investing market will go. There are actually many of these programs available online for free, but it is recommended to find one that offers you the best value and also has a solid history of success.

Overall, the two investing apps from robinhood which I have reviewed are both great tools for any investor. However, the Better Business Bureau may be a better overall site for you to learn more about what the company does, as well as how they operate. There are many other useful apps out there to choose from, and it is highly recommended to explore the free stock investing options. As always, discuss any investment decisions with your own financial planner.