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You were Eyeballing a new digital media mp3 player, one with a touch screen interface. The only problem is that you can imagine that little fingers will be on the screen. You will need to protect screen to keep your media player in the best shape possible. You have a few options regarding these devices.

If you have been serving the electronics of your local retailer, you know that there are hundreds of units for that particular brand. You can find touch cases for each generation of the ipod and most have a handy built in windows that function as film screen protector.

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Touch Screen Protectors Online

You have two choices to find this device. You can find sites where you can order this custom device, or you can go to the manufacturer's website.

Manufacturers Website

Looking for screen protectors for the Creative Zen line of MP3 digital players is easier done on the official website. There you can buy a set of skins with built in screen protector or mp3 fancier leather case that will accomplish the same thing. The down side is that all their products have accessory if an exhaustive search of the site can leave you empty handed. Another way to find the unit is doing an online search.