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When it comes to rich, decadent salts which epitomise sophistication, you could do worse than buy Fleur de Sel. After all, this salty crystal salt is hand picked according to Celtic tradition, so you know you’re adding authentic high quality salt to your dishes. Its smooth, cool texture is the result of many years spent baking it in kilns. The most prominent feature of this crystal salt is that it maintains its shape even when placed in a pot of boiling water. This means you can use it to cook with, as well as preserving it for several months afterwards.

Unlike many cooking salts, fleur de sel doesn’t have an ionic content, so it retains its fine crystal structure. It’s practically perfect in terms of its moisture content – it doesn’t react with water and its surface can easily absorb liquids. This makes it just perfect for using in cooking. It has a moderately high sodium content, but it’s nowhere as harmful as alternative options like rock salt, which can lower your blood pressure. In fact, sea salt is said to be more beneficial as a cooking agent than deionized sea salt. Deionized sea salt tends to lose its minerals over time, while Fleur de sel retains its mineral value.

Many people think that fleur de sel is made from pure salt. However, it’s actually a combination of several natural salts including: dolomite, magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, and calcium sulfate. Although sodium chloride is present in trace amounts in the seawater, the other salts in this mixture are much safer to add to your cooking mix. The mixing of these different elements allows you to have the best of both worlds by creating a salt mixture with beneficial effects on your body, without loading you up with toxins.

One of the best things about fleur de sel is how versatile it is. It works well in a variety of recipes, from salty and spicy stews to delicate salads and fish dishes. It can also be used as a seasoning for foods or as a way to bring out a flavor in other foods, leaving them light and fresh. Since the salt dissolves easily in water, it can be added to any liquid food or dip without adding more salt to the mix. If you prefer to keep salts on the top of your food, then you’ll love how fleur de sel beads seamlessly fall into place to add color and flavor to anything you want to cook.

Fleur de cerises is the crystal salt harvested from the Pelvic Rocks of southwestern France. It has long been treasured in that country for its purity and subtle floral flavor, which is why many consider it a divine seasoning. The reason for this is that the crystals absorb light and transmit it to the flavor in your food, without being overly heavy. In fact, the lightness of fleur de sel crystals makes them ideal for adding to soups, stews, and casseroles because they retain much of their original flavor even when heated to full Strength.

Another benefit to fleur de sel is its moisture content, which is what allows it to retain so much of its initial flavor. Salt as a whole does not hold moisture well, so this quality allows you to reserve most of the salt energy inside of a dish without having to wait to release that moisture while cooking. This is particularly useful for soups and stews, which can easily lose their flavor while drying out. As a result, baking becomes more difficult and takes longer. You can simply increase the moisture content of a dish with fleur de sel and maintain that fresh, buttery flavor all day long.

Fleur de sel crystal also helps to reduce swelling, another common problem with cooking. The crystals reduce the amount of fat, juices, or proteins that can collect in your finished product, leaving you with tastier, moister dishes. There are very few cooking materials that have managed to combine the benefits of the lightness of de sel with its ability to retain its moisture, so this is one great addition to your kitchen pantry.

So now that we’ve discussed how you buy fleur de sel, it’s time to talk about where you get it. Fleur de sel harvested from natural sources is the best way to enjoy its wonderful flavor and versatility for years to come. Look for fleur de sel that is harvested from the slopes of Southwest France, which tends to have the most naturally occurring crystals in the world. Also, the salt tends to be more expensive than other salts, so make sure you’re buying certified raw material.