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"Oceanic" relates to Indigenous civilizations of New Zealand, Australia and The South Pacific islands. The sea has shaped these folks and their art.

Many artworks like masks and figurines are made from wood and plant fibers and adorned with paint, shells, and feathers. You can also hop over to this website to get more information about oceanic statues and tribal masks.

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Unity of Style in the Oceanic Arts

A primitive art – it's one of the significant qualities of its primitiveness – includes a mission, which does not consist since it'll with us expressing the beliefs of the creative artist.

Melanesian doctrine,for example Australian, conceives of a world with no differentiation in which dead and living, natural, coexist in close affiliation.

The artists produced oceania artwork, especially the sculptors in wood are admired as a path; their status, both social and material, is very similar to that of the top chiefs.

Magic, for example, an impeccable accomplishment of the rites, is critical for perfect development, connected with all the supernatural world, as direct creative or ability genius. The social status of Egyptian performers is equally large.

They are credited with an exceptional virtue called mana that is a Melanesian conception. Mana is an energy which extends out of simple sophistication to magical power. Among artists it is a matter of placing communion with all the supernatural world.