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fleur de sel

Fleur De Silver Salt Marshes

Fleur de sels are flat salts that symbolize France’s love for ancient Roman Catholicism and its strong cultural heritage. Since the 7th century, this salty tradition has been a major symbol of France’s social standing in the world. With the popularity of fleur de sel among the various generations in France, several different types and salts have been created over the years to suit each specific taste and style. This is why there are so many different fleur de sel products to choose from.

Fleur de sels can be used for several purposes, but the most important reason is for enjoyment. Salt gives off a subtle, salty taste when it’s scratched or bitten into. Each product sold for fleur de sel contains a specific mix of minerals, which gives each variety its own unique taste. Fleur de sels with a high concentration of calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and manganese are more flavorful and rich than fleur de blancs, which tend to have a lower concentration of these minerals. The flower of salt tends to be on the dryer side, and is used mainly as a garnish.

Fleur de sels are available in different forms, depending on where they were mined. Fleur de blancs are sold as large sheets, while fleur de sel can be purchased as a pill, which is easier to swallow because of its size. Many people prefer fleur de sel because it doesn’t taste as bitter as sea salt and because the taste is close to that of baking soda.

Those who enjoy salty foods and have sensitive taste buds find fleur de sel to be an ideal choice. It doesn’t have any aftertaste, which means it won’t aggravate those who are sensitive to bitterness. Because of its subtle flavor, it’s also easy to incorporate into a wide variety of dishes and recipes.

Fleur de sels also come in beautiful crystal blocks, which allow you to display them with ease. You can use fleur de sel as the table salt on your favorite sandwiches, use it as a dipping sauce for grilled cheese or soups, or pile it high in bowls for sprinkling over cereal and grits. No matter how you utilize it, fleur de sel crystals add a touch of sparkle to any dish. They look great fresh and are a great addition to any mineral-rich kitchenware. Their aesthetic appeal is only part of what makes them a favorite of jewelry makers.

Unlike other types of minerals, fleur de sel is mined from seawater. The beauty and purity of the crystals make them a naturally beautiful addition to any kitchen or bath. Their sheer color makes them perfect for any decorative sea water feature or even a decorative light fixture. So whether you’re looking for a saltwater alternative to table salt or an elegant crystal embellishment for your bathroom, fleur de sel crystals are an excellent alternative.