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When buying fleur de sel, the first thing that comes to mind is what does it look like? It is a long thick string of beads, often made from sea salt. Most often they are used as bridal shower favors, but they can also be bought for special occasions such as weddings.

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Fleur de sels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. They are usually round, oval, square or a little heart shaped. Usually the bigger they are the more delicate they appear. Usually they are made from fine sea salt or clay and sometimes contain other natural ingredients to add even more fragrance to them. The ones with the most fragrances are the ones with more moisture content.

The beads themselves have a slight scent which permeates the air as you use it. This is not like perfumes, however, and you will not get that “perfumey” type of smell from the fleur de sel. These fragrances are produced by harvesting the sea salt itself. You would not believe how many companies try to pass off cultured sea salt as being more expensive than the real deal.

Natural fleur de sel should be stored in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight. This means it has to be stored in an air tight container. Most sea salt containers are constructed with glass or plastic. Glass can break, and plastic tends to retain the moisture content, meaning the beads will eventually lose their fragrance.

There are some sea salts that are harvested from the ocean itself. They tend to retain a higher moisture content. These fleur de sel are usually harvested in darker waters in France. They are fragile, and should never be stored with other types of beads.

When buying fleur de sel, remember that you should buy the kind that comes in small packets. If you buy the salt in its regular size, the beads will have lost all of their fragrance. These fragrances are so delicate, they can easily be lost if they are stored in a regular bowl. The smaller packets will allow the delicate fragrance to dissipate much faster. Beads that come in larger packets will lose their fragrance over time as well.

You should know that many sea fleur de sels harvested in Europe contain lead. This metal can leech into the salt and may cause harm to anyone who ingests it. This is why you should look for a salt that is harvested in Europe and is free of any metal. Unfortunately, there is no regulation that protects your health when purchasing this type of fleur de sel.

If you prefer a salt that is harvested in a country that does not have any health issues associated with it, then you may want to purchase cultured fleur de sel. This form of sea salt is completely natural and free of any harmful chemicals. It is harvested in France and used to make brittany. Anyone can enjoy brittany made with this delectable product.

Many brittany shakers choose brittany because of its de sel sea salt qualities. This kind of a sea salt is very fine and delicate. It mixes in well with most foods and creates a delicious flavor. This makes it perfect for shakers who are looking to create scrumptious desserts for their customers.

It has a very low salt content of just 5%. Many shakers use this product in a variety of recipes for desserts and breads. It is even sold in small pouches that are great for adding to coffee, tea or cinnamon flavored beverages. Brittany is also often used in a great variety of appetizers and soups. Since it does not have any excess moisture, it maintains its shape and absorbs flavors very well.

There are a number of other reasons to buy fleur de la poterie. It is very easy to find and widely available. It can be found in most stores and grocery stores in larger sizes. Its unique crystal salt gives it its delectable flavor. It is also one of the most affordable salts on the market.

Fleur De Lis is a wonderful product that will please the greatest of customers. They will think of it fondly for many years. For this reason, it has been the top selling product in France for years. Its delectable flavor makes it perfect for any occasion. Any cook will enjoy this delectable product, whether you are having a dinner party with friends or family or having a quiet day at home. If you are in search of a new and delicious flavor for your cooking, try fleur de lis.