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Facebook Messenger Bot

Facebook Reveals Its Newest Marketing Strategy – Facebook Messenger Bot

Facebook Messenger Bot is a new feature introduced with Facebook’s newest version, Facebook Messenger. A Facebook Messenger Bot (or a Chatbot) is an application that will automatically interact with users in Facebook Messenger by presenting a continuous stream of pre-written stickers or short auto-quotes, instant messages, or suggestions. You can also ask a Facebook Messenger Bot to do many other things such as updating the news feed, forwarding messages to another friend’s profile, and creating polls. This is great for businesses using Facebook Messenger Bot because it greatly simplifies the task of managing contacts and responding to Facebook messages.

Facebook has integrated Chat Bots into their Facebook Messenger Bot platform. This new Facebook Bot feature offers Facebook customers many conveniences and benefits including faster web browsing and quicker sharing of information and updates. Facebook Chat Bots is available to all Facebook users. They are provided free by Facebook and work with Facebook’s Facebook Messenger Bot and Facebook Group’s Hootsuite inbox.

Facebook’s Facebook Messenger Bot is a social media app that allows Facebook members to connect through conversations on a one-to-one basis, as well as with friends and groups all over the world. Facebook Chat Bots is an application that allows Facebook users to exchange text only. It also offers a faster method of communication. In this fast-paced world, Facebook Chat Bots is an efficient alternative to email and SMS marketing strategy for businesses who need faster ways of communicating with customers. To effectively use Facebook chatbot in Facebook Messenger, here are some tips:

* As soon as you send any Facebook Message, ensure that you enter the time zone of the user you are sending to in the message’s time zone. Facebook’s bot follows the same protocol when it comes to time zone detection. The Facebook Messenger Bot follows this information and displays appropriate messages for users in different time zones across the globe. If you forget to enter the time zone of the user you are sending to, check if he/she has set the time zone before beginning your campaign sequence. This will prevent your Facebook Messenger Bot from following the wrong series of events/sequences.

* If the Facebook Messenger Bot is not able to connect to your customer service representative during the campaign launch, there might be two reasons for this. First, the campaign could be banned by Facebook because of not following the required guidelines. Secondly, the connection could be temporarily severed. To resolve this problem, either your Facebook bot or Facebook’s server could be down. Wait for Facebook to resolve the issue or go into Facebook’s official support area for help. This is the second most common reason why customers do not receive important Facebook messages.

* Facebook has limited the usage of chat Bots. In Facebook’s opinion, Facebook chat bots are only helpful to Facebook members and should not be used for advertising purposes. In fact, Facebook Messenger Bot has the same limitations as stated above. Facebook Messenger Bot cannot accept campaigns that have an audience of non-members.

* Facebook has limited the number of people who can log into their accounts from different locations at once. Facebook’s Messenger Bot cannot automatically connect with a person you are trying to promote through a Facebook campaign if the two of you are in different places. Facebook’s announcement about chat bots states that the company will look into ways of letting Facebook users join groups where they can chat with their friends.

Facebook’s new chatbot strategy is great news for Facebook customers, but the Messenger Bot still needs to undergo extensive changes. Facebook customers can help Facebook by reporting any inconsistencies they may find in the bot’s functioning. Facebook will, however, continue to make improvements to make the Facebook Messenger Bot more useful to Facebook subscribers. In the mean time, Facebook customers need not worry. The Facebook chatbot is here to stay!