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Being pulled over by a police officer and hearing them say "Have you been drinking tonight?" can be a heart-stopping and breathtaking experience. These are five words that nobody ever wants to hear police officers said to them especially if in their situation they have been drinking. 

People need to realize and know that during situations such as these we all can limit how much or what kind of information you have when we are being investigated for DUI. For more information about the aggravated assault charges, you can visit

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For your chances to be increased of not being rested for driving under the influence or beating a charge that has been brought against you if you have been arrested all you have to do is be brave enough to exercise your constitutional rights. 

For many, this can be a terrifying concept when it comes to purposefully defying a police officer. However, any Utah drunk driving attorney can tell you that this could mean everything when it comes to fighting your case or avoiding arrest.

Rules and laws will vary state-by-state so it is wise for anybody taking this type of advice to be sure that you know what those laws within your state are. The information provided below can be helpful if taken into consideration with the laws of your local area being used as a foundation. 

That being said let us dig a little bit deeper into things that should be understood about what police officers are legally required to find as evidence to arrest you for driving under the influence. 

If an officer does not have probable cause to make an arrest or to simply pull you over for that matter the need for a Utah drunk driving attorney can be avoided altogether. 

If an officer cannot prove that they had a solid reason to believe that a suspect has committed a crime in which they are being accused of they do not have the right to arrest you for that crime. 

A police officer is not out to get you here, she is just doing their job and wants to keep the roads safe for everybody who is on them. If they have reason to pull you over and most likely they do, cooperation is important as long as you remember that they must keep within your rights.