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You will not always find anything that is enjoyable and qualitative, but this furniture is the best of both worlds. Get on pieces of furniture that have drawers, cabinets, and desks instead of just having bunk'd sleeping quarters for your kids. You can look for the best storage loft bed at any store online and offline. 

The best bunk beds for kids, including slides, trundles and tree houses

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For all ages, all-in-one furniture is a choice and it is a perfect way for you to take up less space while also offering them all the furniture they desire. Just place an all-in-one in the corner and you'll have it all in one little space, instead of having to fit a desk, a chest of drawers, and a dresser into one tiny room. 

Furthermore, children have the luxury of sleeping "upstairs," climbing up a staircase and getting the slide back down with some versions. Some have enclosed areas at the top so your kid will sleep every night in his own private tent. Many versions have a second sleeping area on the lower floor, and you can choose either twin or full sizes.

You will find the same basic styles in this type of furniture that is normally found in that which is traditionally designed for children. Contemporary metal and mission styles are among the favorites but you can find them in a wide variety of styles and materials. Whichever type you choose, it will look great in either a boy's or girl's room and even in a college dorm.