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We hope Christian meditation becomes a "spiritual" experience. Finally, when we meditate, we open our minds and hearts to God and the spiritual blessings of His work in our lives. This part of Christian meditation fits the spiritual part, very real, yes, but also very "external."

But when we meditate, we don't just open our souls to God's transforming power. We also open our minds, brains, and bodies to physical transformation. Christian mediation is also an experience. You can also know more about Christian mediation through continisolutions.

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The physical blessings of Christian meditation are another gift from God to us. We disrespect the whole truth about our place in the universe by focusing on the "soul" OR "brain". Just "mind" OR "body". We are the magic of "soul-brain-soul-body-biochemical love by Bogtransforming-all-at the same time"!

When you meditate, when you live in fellowship with God, your body will be blessed and enriched through its nourishment for your whole being and will bless your mind and body as well as your soul.

It is proven that meditation:

–              Reduce anxiety

–              Reduce depression

–              Reduce the effects of physical stress

–              Improve sleep

–              Reduces symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome

So enjoy the physical transformation that God has given you through Christian meditation. Let His blessings pass through your mind and brain, body, and soul.