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A business cannot flourish unless it can satisfy the desires and requirements of its potential consumer base. An E-commerce Website is no different as it must offer easily accessible product and product information to its prospective customers. Here are some principles to user-friendly E-commerce Website Design.

1. Easily navigated: It is critical that the Web Design take into consideration that the website must be easy to navigate through the Website pages. If the prospect gets “lost” in the site, you can be assured they will opt to pick a competitor site that will be more user-friendly. You can check ecommerce website design in Perth at


Most sales websites contain an abundance of products for sale. The website designers must plan the website while considering the needs of the customers. The E-commerce website prospects need to be able to browse the product selection for sale based on product name, price and need with simplicity.

2. Fair Business Practices: The E-commerce Website Design must consider clear and fair business policies in order to win the confidence of the prospect. Be sure that there are clear expectations for your customers for the entire transaction from the initial order to delivery of the product and the return/warranty protocols must also be emphasized.

If the delivery time for your product is 3 weeks, say it will be 3-4 weeks delivery, so your customer knows what to expect. If it arrives sooner, they will be happier. If you say 2 weeks and it takes 15 days, they will be annoyed already, and the chance of a repeat customer will be reduced.