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Truffles are small, dark brown fungi that come in a variety of shapes. They are often used in cooking, as garnish, in a chocolate truffle coating, or as a natural yeast food. There are many varieties of truffle available worldwide. In France, there is a type of truffle called Pignoles, while in England, the name for truffle is “pudding”. In these countries, truffle has sometimes taken on other names such as “sour cream”, “mustard” or “dried meat”.

A truffle, sometimes called a “Pomace” is a round formed mass of cells that contain a variety of micro-organisms, mainly yeast. Most truffle salts are made by soaking the seeds in liquid, firstly rinsing away any excess liquid. After this, they are left to dry on a rack. After this, the truffle salt is then covered with another liquid, such as white wine, olive oil or specially formulated food colorings. For example, when using dark aged Cheddar, French Champagne or San Francisco bay colorings, then this liquid is optional. The next step would be to roll out the truffle salt on a surface such as a wooden cookie sheet, placing it over a piece of dark chocolate and letting the Truffle spread its delicious flavor over the chocolate.

Many people like to add a few drops of essential oils to their truffle salt. The most popular is cardamom, followed by cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. Essential oils enhance the flavor and aroma of Truffles, so feel free to experiment! It’s well worth learning how to make your own truffle salt, because it’s the only way to get the real flavor and unique aroma.