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Do you occasionally experience any of the following?

• Having to wait for 24 hours for a doctor to answer questions about your personal or family health.

• Sitting in the waiting from long after your set appointment time and then, wasting more time waiting in the exam room

• Hurried office questions that leave you with multiple questions• Being forced into an office examination when you know a phone call would have been sufficient.

If so, do not worry. You are not alone.


Welcome to Dial a Home Doctor – Australian leading bulk-billed home visiting doctor service. As a patient of Dial a Home Doctor, your will always have a doctor who invest his or her time to know you and your family. In particular, you will enjoy the following benefits associated with hiring our home doctor?Immediate careNo dealing with personal assistance – your personal doctor will be readily available 24/7.
Communication: Reach your after hours doctor via secure mails, personal cell phone or arranged visits. Our doctors make all the effort to see you on the shortest time possible. When routine care or acute problems can be managed through a call, we will do so, thus, saving you more time.

Time: If you decide to work with our after hours doctor, your typical office visit will be a maximum of 30 minutes in most cases. We understand your time is precious and therefore, we offer a “no wait” waiting room for your enhanced convenience.

Personal Care: The current healthcare system in Australia can cause the head to spin! Our after hours doctor will do everything possible to ensure your walk through the maze of pre-approvals, referrals, and visits to other doctors will be as simple and stress-free as possible. We will provide you with all the required information, e-mail, and call specialists when necessary to make your experience good. Our doctors will be the quarterback of your health care team.

Problem Solving: At a dial a home doctor, our doctors are problem solvers. When new health complications related to health arise, they will set aside the necessary time to establish coordinated diagnosis and treatment. This time also allows them to manage a couple of complicated chronic health problems safely. Our doctors keep up-to-date with all the changing and new treatment options and guidelines.

Wellness Care :In order for you to age gracefully, you need to take proper care of your health – your most valuable asset. Our after-hours doctors are your health coaches and advisers; even when it would be hard for you to get the required medical care. Our package includes;

• A full health risk evaluation and physical exam

• Counseling on nutritional needs

• Fitness assessment and exercise prescription

• Detailed preventive cardiology assessment

• Proper diseases screenings and prevention

• 24/7 access to our website, blog and in-depth answers to your emails.

“Whole-istic” Treatment Options:Science is the backbone of medicine, and whenever possible, you healthcare should be based on quality and unbiased research. But medicine is also an art and doctors need to use their common sense and intuition in some cases. Our services are wholistic. Our after hours doctors appreciate that the wholeness that make us human is a combination of our psychology, biology and spirit.

They do not consider themselves to be alternative medicine doctors, but have become adept in filtering the thousands of alternative medical care options available. Some options have low risk, ideally high benefits and seem to be safe. Our doctors recommend them whenever appropriate.

Others are potentially harmful, snake oil, are often scientifically proven to offer no benefit.If you are searching for science-based home doctor who utilizes experience and acquired medical common sense to care for your overall well-being and filter what you hear from the media, our doctors are right for you.
National Care Network: Our after hours doctor are connected with a national care network of private physicians. If they feel your condition cannot be managed over the phone and a visit is not possible (maybe you are on travel), they can arrange for you to be seen by another doctor in their office. Most major cities are represented.

Visit flexibility: We fully understand that you have busy schedules that sometimes do not allow for weekday visits. We have weekend visits available as well. What more, since we do not depend on physical visits alone, phone calls are a great option too. Even for some complex illnesses.
If you have any question or you would like to book a free first time consultation, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help and to answer any question you might have.


You put on the bathrobe and walk downstairs to get your cup of coffee. As soon as you’re on the first floor , your feet get a completely different experience. Your feet sink right into a mushy and squishy carpet totally drenched with water.

While this seems like a nightmare, it’s unfortunately an unhappy reality.
Depending on the origin of the incoming water, your carpet might be able to be returned to its first condition without compromising your overall health and safety.

Carpet Water Damage
Water invasion which affects carpet along with many other floor covers is one among the most challenging scenarios encountered by a homeowner or a building manager. Each crisis should be examined on a situational basis. Every flooding situation may have its own distinct concerns. There are numerous standard queries that needs to be addressed in assessing the appropriate protocol to return carpet to its pre flood status.

The Origin of Water Damage
The origin of water damage could be associated with any of the following categories.

Category 1
Water or Clean Water

This refers to water that comes from somewhere that is not contaminated.

Examples of clean water sources can include, but aren’t necessarily
constrained to the following

• Burst household water supply lines
• Tub or sink overflows without any contaminants
• Appliance failures associated with household water supply lines

Clean water which has been exposed to surfaces and content materials may degrade in sanitation since it dissolves or combines with soils and other impurities as time passes by.

Category 2
Water or Gray Water

This regards water that contains a substantial level of physical, biological or chemical contamination and has the capability of causing discomfort or illness if ingested by or exposed to human beings. Gray water contains microorganisms and nutrition for microorganisms.

Samples of gray water sources can include, but aren’t necessarily
limited to the following

• Excess water from dish washers or washing machines
• Overflows from the toilet bowls with urine but no feces
• Sump pump malfunctions

Gray water in flooded set ups that continues to be untreated for longer than two days may change to category 3 black water.

Category 3
Water or Black Water
This is the term for extremely unsanitary water that contains pathogenic agents, developing from sewage or different infected water sources and has the probability of causing discomfort or illness if ingested by or it comes into contact with humans.

Examples of black water origins can include, but aren’t necessarily constrained by the following

• Sewage or rainwater combined
• Toilet back flows that came from beyond toilet trap
• Rising water from streams

Such sources leak silt and organic substance into buildings and create black water issues. A carpet which has been exposed to with black water, including raw sewage or groundwater, must be disposed of as quickly as possible.

Read on to learn what method is needed to renovate carpet after water damage.


A range of removal methods and procedures are utilized based on the category of water. Due to the destructive characteristics of water, restoration methods also rely greatly on the amount of water, as well as on how
long the water has been stagnant. For instance, as long as the carpet hasn’t been wet for no longer than two days, and the water involved wasn’t sewage based, you may have a chance at saving the carpet. Although when the water has drenched for a greater period of time, your carpet is most likely beyond repair and will need to be replaced.

Stages in the restoration process

1 Halt the Leakage

Identify the origin of the flood or leak and attempt to stop the water flow to avoid damage in the future. In case you have any issues, seek advice from a local plumber or engineer who will help you to discover the origin.

2 Excess Water Removal

Excess water removing is vital because of the fact that it is the initial point of restoration processes. Removal of excess water must
start right away and the carpet must be totally dry within 12 hrs after intervention strategies. Failure to follow these recommendations might begin the development of a variety of bacteria and fungi which may detrimentally affect human wellbeing.

Disposal of excess water may be acheived by physical methods including mopping and soaking up excess wetness from hard surfaces or furniture. On the other hand, water removal generally requires the use of more sophisticated methods and tools like pumps, or uniquely designed wet vacuuming tools.

When controlling unsanitary water, you should constantly assume there’s a
considerable health hazard. Rubber gloves, goggles, boots in addition with other protective garments must be utilised. Someone with an open sore must refrain from direct contact with the water.

3 Disinfection
Disinfect the wet area by scrubbing it using a cleaning solution made by dissolving a few tablespoons of bleach in a gallon of water. Make sure to ventilate the area that you’re cleaning. Some of the fumes might be hazardous.

4 Dehumidification
To speed up drying, the carpet must be taken off the tack strip and the carpet padding needs to be discarded. The carpet needs to
be elevated. Place industrial sized fans which blow directly onto the soiled area. Turn them on high setting for around 36 hrs after the event, staying mindful to move electric cables away from the damp spots. In events where high humidity might postpone drying time period, dehumidifiers need to be secured to help with drying up the surroundings. A specialized cleaning service can help you with this task.

5 Temperature Control
Both evaporation and dehumidification are often significantly enhanced by maintaining the temperatures in a restricted environment. In addition, the growth of microorganisms is temperature related. That being said, temperature modification and control is an essential basic principle for safe and effective drying.

6 Monitoring and Inspection
Inspect the carpet’s progress following 12 hrs. If your fans haven’t added to the restoration process, you should think about replacing the entire thing since 12 hrs is enough time for mould to build up. In case the carpet hasn’t dried out significantly by then, you may be in danger of menacing allergens.

7 Contact your insurance
Contact your insurance broker to talk about your situation, specifically if you stay in a condominium. Based on the way the leak or flood was caused, you may not be held responsible for the restoration expenditures.

Looking for help with water damage brisbane? Contact Newlife Restorations today.


IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a light based technology which treats several skin conditions in one treatment. It works in the deeper layers of the skin where traditional skincare cannot reach, thus achieving a far superior result.
Skin concerns such as pigmentation, freckling, sun damage, capillaries, redness, acne scarring and rosacea may be treated with photorejuvenation.

Pulses of light are applied to the skin via a handpiece which filters the wavelengths of light through a layer of ultrasound gel. The treatments remove most types of sun induced pigmentation like freckling, age spots and sun damage. By lessening the darker pigmentation IPL leaves the skin with a more even tone. Vascular skin concerns including capillaries, redness, acne scarring and rosacea are also targeted by the broad wavelengths of light. IPL works particularly well on red acne scarring that is left behind after undergoing acne treatments.

As most people will have several skin concerns, this treatment has become popular as it can address them all. The IPL photorejuvenation also stimulates the production of collagen which will plump and smooth the texture of the skin, improving fine lines, wrinkles and pitted scarring.

There is little or no downtime involved with photorejuvenation. Most people will experience some redness and heat in the area which subsides in several hours after treatment. The most common treatment areas are face, neck, décolletage/chest area and backs of hands.

Photorejuvenation treatments can be utilised as a once off treatment, however a course of treatments will promote the best results. A progressive result can be expected with a change usually noticed within a week after a session which is why IPL Photorejuvenation has gained such popularity among both men and women.

If you are looking for a Laser Clinic Brisbane that offers Acne Treatment Brisbane and IPL Brisbane then please see Image by Laser for a free consultation.

Wedding Videography Melbourne

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Apr 122014

If you want more than just pictures from your wedding day, wedding videography is something you might want to consider. When you engage a professional wedding videography melbourne company they are going to record the wedding ceremony, reception, entrance, and all other significant moments of the special day. Depending on the package you want to purchase, each couple is going to go with something unique. You can get great still shots and photos, but a video is truly going to help you commemorate and remember your special day together.

Depending on whether you simply want the actual wedding service or whether you want to commemorate the entire day, there are different packages a couple can choose from. Some options to consider include:

  • ceremony only packages (where you can get the entire service, the procession, and guests seated, and you should get multiple copies);
  • all inclusive multi camera options (based on the number of hours you want recorded).

When you choose all inclusive packages, you can select from a variety of video options, and video recordings that cover anywhere from 5 hours up to 10 hours of coverage, depending on the professional you hire, and how long the reception goes for. You will get coverage from multiple cameras, from different angles, and for all guests who do attend the festivities. So, depending on the amount of coverage you want, what your budget is, and how many cameras and angles you want filmed, there are a number of package options to choose from when the time comes to choose the best packages for your wedding day.


Companies to hire
When you decide to do wedding videography, as opposed to simple still shots, you have to choose the right company to do the recording. When you are deciding on a company you should:

  • read reviews and learn as much as possible about the individuals and crew who will be recording the wedding events;
  • gather information about what they will cover, and what is included in the package rates;
  • choose those companies that are well known in the area and do several weddings;
  • consider the companies offering multiple package options and affordable prices; and,
  • choose the companies that offer you multiple options for payments, for the type of recording, the quality, and the video coverage you are going to get.

Customers also have to find companies that are licensed, and have the proper qualifications to do the work for them on their wedding day. As there are so many companies to choose from, it is important to compare them, their work, reviews, and all the information you have, before choosing a company, that you are going to hire for your wedding day.


The wedding videography packages are going to allow couples to remember their special day for years to come. These recordings will capture emotions, how the guests are feeling, and the mood of the day. Although photos are great, video recordings are going to bring the life and magic back, each time you watch and relive your wedding day. For wedding videography melbourne, contact DMSA today.


Living in a house that is pest-free is definitely essential for being comfortable and healthy. Those that have faced a pest infestation before are quite familiar with the obstacles involved in finding a solution. The main problem with getting rid of a pest infestation is that they are often times resistant to over the counter products no matter how expensive they may be. Most people find themselves spending a lot of money on various products and do not see any results. Although many people do not realise it, hiring a professional to do the job can save you money, time, and most importantly stress! Pest control Brisbane services are highly reputable and are certified to relieve you of any type of pest infestation in your home.

Selecting a Pest Control Service Provider

Pest control Brisbane only hires professionals that have passed a background check and are qualified to complete the necessary tasks. Selecting a pest control business that runs background checks on their employees is important. This way you have a peace of mind knowing that you can rely on the workers while they are in your home. Another important thing to consider when choosing a pest control company is whether they are certified and licensed. Reputable companies are always willing to show proof of certificates and business licenses if necessary. Hesitation to do so is a red flag that they may not be certified or licensed, and therefore are not worthy of your trust, time, or money. Lastly, it is good to ask questions regarding the treatment options available and any questions you may have about the whole process. Asking questions will allow you to see if the company’s customer service is good as well as how knowledgeable they are.

Common Types of Pests

Pest control Brisbane services offer treatment options for a wide range of pest infestations. The most common types of pests include; mice, cockroaches, rats, bed bugs, ants, and termites. These pests have been around for long, and as a result have become resistant to the majority of pest control products that can be found in stores. This is the main reason why hiring a pest control professional is the better choice; you have a better chance of clearing your home of a pest infestation with the help of a pest control service provider.

Often times, people believe that a few insects or rodents in their home are no big deal. The truth is that soon those few pests will reproduce and take over the entire house. Not only is having a pest infestation a nuisance, but it is also unhealthy. The entire family becomes at risk for contracting several diseases. In addition to health problems, pests also have the capability of destroying your home. Pests such as termites, cockroaches, and bed bugs can ruin furniture, walls, and even clothing.

Prevent another Infestation and Save Money

Finding a company such as Pest control Brisbane services is the solution to your pest infestation problems. You can expect to regain your peaceful home environment and keep it that way. Keeping up with treatments as recommended by your pest control company will save you money in the way that you will prevent another infestation from developing.

Hiring a company such as pest control brisbane is helpful in many ways. Once you find a trustworthy pest control service you will have where to go to for support. Maintaining a clean, pest-free home will allow you to be content and also protect the entire family’s health.

Looking for pest controllers brisbane? Our brisbane pest controllers are trained professionals that give you a great service at a reasonable rate. Visit All Pest Control today and get a quote.


If you are in need of a Brisbane website design team to enhance your company’s website, or to recreate your site, Nicholas Burge can do the hard yards for you. With the use of the wordpress templates, he will make a unique site, the content you want, and a totally functional site, on both ends. With several developmental features, different design styles, and customizable designs for any online business, regardless of the kind of site, or the customers they exist for, with the proper web design services, and the right template, your online site is truly going to deliver on all fronts.

Free & Open source -
One of the main reasons to utilise wordpress for your site’s template is the fact that it is free. There are zero hidden costs if you reach a designated size, or if a certain amount of visitors visit, nor are there hidden fees you will come across, based on the style selected, or the format of your site. It is also possible for you to use a diverse selection of codes, allowing it to be easily accessible, easy to modify, and easy to create a fantastic looking site, for a an extremely low cost.

Plugins -
With wordpress, you can also add a huge selection of plugins ,with ease, and make modifications when you choose. From adding pictures, galleries, forums, blogs, shopping carts, or any other add ons, you can quickly and simply do these, and make these modifications, when the format used for your site design is wordpress. So, whether the business owner chooses to modify, or whether you turn to Nicholas and his team of Brisbane website design professionals, they can quickly and easily add, edit, or adjust plugins, for anything the business owner desires to add or remove from the company site.

User friendly -
WordPress is arguably the most user friendly choice for a website. Whether it is a blog, forum post, or a company site, wordpress is easy to use, and extremely easy to navigate. WordPress is also always improving the CMS, and adding a multitude of new features, to make the site even easier to use, and make additions to or deletions from. All visitors are going to love the ease of use, layout, and the background design selections there are to decide from when they are on a site that is wordpress based.

Themes -
If you desire a specific theme for your site, wordpress is the best solution to this concern as well. Whether you choose to go with one of the thousands of free pre existing themes, or whether you would prefer Nicholas and his Brisbane website design team to create a unique design, with wordpress there are zero limits. You can pick the color combinations, designs, layouts, format, font, and the entire look and layout of the page. No matter what the business owner needs, or what style and design they are looking for, when wordpress is the selected format for their site, they are going to get the overall look they want their customers to see on their end.

Security -
WordPress is also extremely easy to keep safe. It takes only a few minutes to install, and with constant updates, changes and new security features being added on a regular basis, business owners can be assured that their site is safe. In turn, customers who use the shopping cart feature, or submit alternative sensitive information on the company’s site, can feel relaxed that their material and their personal information is wholly safe and secure when they go to a particular site.

These are some of the many reasons to choose wordpress as your theme, as opposed to drupal or other web design options. When you need the most professional Brisbane website design company to do the work for you, manage and update your site, and keep it fresh for your customers, Nicholas Burge and his highly trained team will do the job for you. With the most elite team, the industry experience, and the wordpress themes you will love, all business owners will find what they are looking for with this design group. And, if you do not want to manage your own site, they will also run and operate your online business for a minimal monthly price.


After having done all the required research, you’re ready to begin searching for the perfect property.

This is when things get really exciting. You need to have your wits about you, because choosing a property is critical.

When you get to this stage, what you’re looking for is potential for renovation.

You need to assess each property not only regarding what condition it is right now, but what it can be when you’ve renovated it.

The main consideration is the state of the property. You want a place that needs work, but notutterly derelict (unless you love a challenge)!Then you need to think about the mood of the local market, and whether the property might meet them with your improvements.

Finally, you need to consider how much you need to do to the property.
Some properties just need a facelift to make you a decent profit.
Other properties can be totally transformed, taking them to the next level and unlocking higher profits.

Generally speaking, there are three kinds of properties that attract renovators:The ‘Patch ‘n’ Paint’ means it is a solid property, in sound condition structurally but the decor is faded.

It’s begging for fresh paint, carpet, fittings and fixtures, and the garden needs a revamp.
The ‘Fixer-Upper’ will generally be older and in rougher condition than the Patch ‘n’ Paint.
The decor still needs updating, but it also needs a kitchen or bathroom makeover.
The problem child often has some structural issues.

It may have cracks in the walls or need a new roof. Possibly the wiring or plumbing is shot and needs to be replaced. These problems can be costly to repair and yet won’t necessarily return a comparable value.

The ‘Knock-Down’ says it all, requiring a complete restoration or demolition. These properties often catch the eye of developers, especially if they’re in a good location, on a large block or have fantastic views. From my experience, the best bets for renovating for profit are the ‘Patch ‘n’ Paint’ and the ‘Fixer-Upper’.

The type of renovation work you should do depends on your knowledge, skills, experience and contacts, but most people are able to renovate these kinds of properties without too much trouble.
Plus, they don’t tend to have a high level of risk.

Dealing with structural defectsGenerally, I advise people to avoid properties that need structural work.

You want to spend your renovation budget on improvements that buyers and tenants can see because that’s how you get results.

Spending money fixing defects that are unseen eats into your renovation budget and you may not see a buyer who appreciates quality for some time, therefore your profits will be reduced.

Tenants and buyers expect a property to have good foundations, wiring and plumbing. They won’t pay extra for it, so the extra expenditure to fix the defect doesn’t add any value.

If you do decide to make an offer on a property with structural defects you need to get a quote to find out how much it will cost to rectify the problems and factor that into the maximum purchase price.

If the numbers still stack up then go for it. Plus, you can usually negotiate hard because most other will be scared off by the “problems”.

Don’t skimp on inspection reportsMany property investors are tempted to save a few bucks by foregoing an inspection report when they buy a property.

Don’t be tempted! Termite infestations, dodgy wiring, rotten foundations. There are many potential problems with any structure that the average person won’t notice.

Remember, any one of these problems can cost you big bucks. You wouldn’t buy a second-hand car for $10,000 without a $250 inspection report, so why purchase a property for several hundred thousand dollars without an inspection report that just costs a a little more? For your peace of mind get the inspections done. For building inspections brisbane, contact Home Inspect today or visit their web site.

Meeting market demandNow let’s think about people, because renovating for profit is a people business, not a property business.

That’s because the tenants or buyers of your renovated property are the source of your profits -from either the rent you receive or the profit you make once it’s sold, so to maximise your return you need to create a property that tenants will rent and buyers want to buy.

That’s the golden rule if you want to make a profit renovating houses.

If you intend to hold onto the renovated property then you need to research your target tenants for the area.
When you match a property to target tenants you’re less likely to have vacancies, or need to reduce therent to get people in.

Talk to property managers and find out what type of properties are most desirable in the area. Tell them you’re looking at buying an investment property in the area, and ask them what tenants prefer.

What sort of property is in short supply? What kind rents the quickest?In this suburb do tenants prefer houses or apartments? Do they prefer one, two, or more bedrooms? Do they require parking or not? You need to know these basics so you can make an informed decision on what to buy.

If you intend to sell the property after renovating it, the same principle applies but now you must consider the wants and needs of buyers rather than tenants.

While there are some similarities, there are differences you should cater for.

Finally, although there will be some features of the property you can improve, some features, such as the location and aspect, etc, are fixed.
You can do a first class renovation, but if the property backs onto a railway line you’ll have trouble renting and selling it.

That’s why property selection is critical. I always say, you can always improve a house, but you can’t improve its location.


Selling your home isn’t something that you do every day-unless you’re a real estate agent. Over the years I’ve honed my skills in learning what works when it comes to selling your home, as well as what doesn’t.

Fortunately, other people have made these mistakes so that you don’t have to!

1. Ignoring an estate agent’s style tips

We all develop personal connections to our homes, but sometimes those connections mean that it’s hard to see our home through the eyes of a potential buyer. An experienced agent should know how to present your home in a way that will maximise your home’s selling potential.

2. Underestimating the importance of street appeal

First impressions matter, and potential buyers driving past or inspecting your home will take notice of your property’s exterior. In my experience, people buy in the first five seconds and justify throughout the inspection. Make a good impression from the outset and keep up to date with the mowing and weeding!

3 Under-investing in marketing

A targeted, wide-ranging marketing campaign designed to reach as much as possible of your buying audience is essential. Buyers fall into different groups and demographics, and a high quality marketing campaign will reach out effectively to all of these.

4. Not being switched on about going online

In our office, it’s where about 90% of our buyer enquiry comes from. The more you invest here the better. Only a small percentage of buyers look beyond the first page of property search results!

5. Being afraid to commit to a sale price

Committing to a sale price isn’t an easy task, but it’s one that should be a much easier decision when you consider that almost half of all potential buyers will pass over properties with no listed price. Why? It seems too hard, or worse, they fear it will be out of their range. Take the plunge and name a figure.

6. Holding out for a better price

Though it can be tempting to wait for a better offer, the property market doesn’t play by the rules of Who Dares Wins, so think twice before rejecting that initial offer. In my experience, often the first offer is the highest we’ll receive, and almost every record price we achieve comes from an offer made within the first thirty days.

7. Taking offers personally

A low offer on your property is not a reflection on you, or even on your home. Instead, they’re representative of a willingness to commit to opening negotiations. I always encourage vendors to see a low offer as a starting point rather than a final figure.

8. Opting for appointment-only viewings

Although there is the odd exception, for the most part opening your home for inspection is essential to ensure it’s seen by as many potential buyers as possible. We get around 10 times the buyer traffic if it’s open for inspection as opposed to by appointment viewings.

9. Cutting costs when choosing a real estate agent

If you think the best agent is expensive, try hiring the second best & see how much that costs you!

10. Failing to keep up with property maintenance

It’s almost always cheaper to do it yourself than to let the buyer use it as leverage for a price reduction.

I recently sold a home in Aspley where the building and pest report identified multiple maintenance issues at an estimated repair cost of $15k! As expected, the buyer tired for a $15k price reduction. I intervened & re-quoted with a local trusted trade and they seller got the job done for $3k. Fortunately, I managed to salvage the deal without a price reduction. However this could have been avoided or worse the deal could have fallen through.

So call that plumper you’ve been avoiding! For real estate Aspley, contact Justin Watt of Watt Realty today.


Award-winning comedy writer, Ian Heydon (Kingswood Country, How Green Was My Cactus, The Samuel Pepys Show, The Year My Country Broke) recently took out an unexpected award – for writing about travelling with a disability.

In 2010 Ian was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. That led to the question – what does a writer who has a disability and who loves to travel write about? The answer was pretty obvious. Because Ian uses a cane for mobility assistance, he built a website called Cane & Able Travel and that site won the inaugural Business disAbility Award for Business Innovation in 2012.

Back in 2003, Ian had a travel book on Australia published called The Small Guide to A Big Country (Explore) and he subsequently bought a travel agent’s licence (Small Guide Travel). Much of Ian’s research for that book is still valid. As Ian says, “They haven’t moved the Sydney Opera House or most of Australia’s main attractions, so all I really needed to do was update where necessary and add the accessibility and disability facility information. It’s a bonus that the Small Guide Travel consultants can assist with itinerary advice and bookings.”

When Ian travels these days he uses both a cane and a wheelchair for getting around. “Before my diagnosis with MS I guess I felt a bit of pity when I saw other people in wheelchairs. I didn’t realise that wheelchairs give a person with a disability so much freedom. Mine allows me to get around much better at airports, especially when the boarding gate can be a fair distance from check-in, and it makes art galleries, museums and theatre so much more accessible and enjoyable.”

Ian first took his wheelchair on a trip to Dubai, London and Paris in 2012. While there are websites with attractions and disability information for those destinations in the pipeline, Ian’s first priority is writing about Australia. In late 2012 he visited Cairns and road-tested attractions like Skyrail and Quicksilver’s Great Barrier Reef as well as disabled-friendly accommodation. From this came the destination specific website, Cairns Disabled Travel.

The next cab of the rank was Canberra. According to Ian, Canberra is arguably Australia’s most rewarding destination for travellers with a disability. “There are flights from all other major cities and centres, they have an excellent public transport and wheelchair-assisted taxi system and all the major attractions are accessible, with many of them free. There’s excellent accommodation, terrific restaurants and bars and so much to see and do. It really is a fabulous tourist destination. Sure, after a couple of weeks there might be some thumb twiddling but for a few days away it is fabulous.” Ian visited Canberra in 2011 and 2013 to research accessible accommodation and attractions and the Canberra Disabled Travel website is now live.

Ian has a multi-destination itinerary on the drawing board for all Australian capital cities and major regional centres so you could see him soon in your part of the country. But the Kingswood? No, he won’t be taking the Kingswood!


The Data center rooms which include network control areas, server rooms, UPS rooms, telecom rooms and raised floor areas have expensive and important devices and hardware. The computer devices are prone to damage due to excessive accumulation of unwanted residues and contamination. To enhance proper functioning of these devices, it is essential to clean the rooms using advanced techniques and equipment. So, why it is important to have a clean data center?

Control Electrostatic Charges: Pliable particles can contact the component parts, leading to large deposits and scrap the necessary componnents of system. Over the time, this can enhance electrostatic charging. This can harm the micro-electronic equipment in the data center.

Prevent accumulation of residue and dust: Dirt and dust can lead to residue deposits on the circuit boards and other major system parts. This residue build-up raises the water vapor concentration and emergence of gaseous elements leading to damage to the devices and their performance. This is risky as it increases the chances of shot circuits and system failure.

Safeguard the sensitive components: There are innumerable minute computer components parts. Each of them play significant role in the functioning and processing to enhance timely performance. Keeping the data center unclean can lead to deposit of fine dust particles on these components. Once they contact such impurities, it is tough to eliminate them using the air filters. A clean room ensures proper functioning of the system and greater longevity of the computer equipment.

To avoid clogging in the air filter: Accumulation of dirt in the air filter can cause major blockage in the smooth air passage. This also increases chances of large impurity deposits on hardware equipment trapping the heat inside the computers, servers and . Continuous overheating can lead to major damages and system failure making the entire work process to a halt.

What to look for in a data center cleaning company?

There are certain key issues that need consideration before appointing a data center cleaning company to handle the entire cleaning program. Some of the factors that are worth consideration are:

Reputation and Testimonials: It is essential to check the performance record and services of the company. It is not wise to bestow the responsibility to any newly established organization with inexperienced staff members. The company with at least 5 years of experience in relevant field and efficient in delivering high quality services within the stipulated period is the ideal one to handle such contracts.

Insurance Policy details: Always assign the data center cleaning project to a data center cleaning company with proper insurance formalities. To ensure they have adequate insurance documents, avail the information and certificate copy from the insurance agency where the company has acquired the policy.

Emergency Call out Services: While appointing a data center cleaning company to clean the data center room and equipment, enquire if they are available during sudden critical situation. It is beneficial to hire the services of the company with round the clock technical assistance, which can cater to the needs even during the urgent requirements.

Cleaning Process and Equipment: Ensure the data center cleaning company has advanced technology to carry out the task properly. It is also important to assure if the company has expert professionals to accomplish the work within the deadline as any delay in their work can result in loss of work of your organization.

Data Center Maintenance Cleaning
The smooth running of the activities requires proper functioning of the equipment and devices inside the data center. A clean atmosphere is an integral part of the adequate work atmosphere and ensures greater life of the computers and their accessories. Accumulation of the residues and impurities can lead to major downtime of causing losses to the company’s business. Therefore, maintenance and cleaning sessions at regular intervals are essential to avoid such inconveniences. The data center cleaning companies have team of expert professionals and advanced equipment to execute the cleaning programs efficiently. The cleaning programs include floor surface and under floor cleaning, hardware cleaning, ceiling plenum cleaning, support equipment cleaning etc.

The data center cleaning is very essential for proper functioning of the entire work system and regular servicing can keep the entire dtat center system in right order to prevent accidents and major damages. An experienced team with proper cleaning techniques can perform the task within a short duration to ensure peace of mind.

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