Manufacturers across the divide continue to produce quality products. We are all too familiar, with the attractive transparent packaging of toys, imported fruits, clothes, pens amongst other things. Unlike the previous times, customers can still have a glimpse into their prospective purchases, carefully examining them without necessarily compromising their state or quality (food).

It is as a result of these demands that the shrink film was developed. In the formative years; we were all accustomed to the brown paper bags which had our tree population on the decline. Subsequent move to the opaque store-name-christened polythene was a further disservice. Then came the perfect solution to all these problems, the shrink film.Initially, the shrink film was exclusively made from PVC (Polyvinylchloride).This is a plastic polymer (third most used plastic in the world) that had the capability of sealing products with a thin layer of plastic sheet. These sheets were often transparent to allow the customer have a view of the product.

The sheet would be wrapped over the product and passed over a heat tunnel or a heat gun. Normally, the length or circumference of the product would be measured, 10% of this value would be added then the sum is divided by two, this would give the size of PVC shrink wrapping to be used. PVC has the ability to shrink by 40% percent giving the packaging a tight grip of the product.

However, with time it was noticed that PVC could release small amounts of hydrogen chloride giving the products a characteristic smell in addition to poisoning. The sealers also would have small carbon deposits. The presence of a plasticizer in PVC had the drawback of hardening and shrinkage during cold weather and extreme stetching with subsequent temperature increases.

These drawbacks meant a suitable shrink film devoid of a plasticizer be developed. Polyolefin was found to have the packaging abilities of PVC but lacked the setbacks that faced the latter. It became a preferred choice of packaging. Offering a stronger seal and fewer odours. Its lack of plasticizer meant no physical changes to the shrink film. It would become the perfect storage solution; all weather .Lack of chlorine in its polymer meant no hydrogen chloride previously characteristic of PVC.

However, while its predecessor PVC enjoys machine compatibility and low cost purchases, polyolefin is the opposite, it remains relatively expensive and hard to use alongside machines.PVC on the other hand remains a suitable choice for manufacturers who don’t deal with edible products. Owing to its cheap price and machine compatibility it is a manufacturers darling.

It is of note that, both polymers are ideal for different packaging purposes. The choice of shrink film is determined by the product, budget and level of technology the producer in question has.

The undeniable fact is, packaging being the cornerstone of branding and advertising can be responsible for high sales volume or the reverse. Manufacturers and producers alike are today faced with the tough task of choosing the ideal packaging material. In the end the functionality of the shrink wrap can only be determined by the manufactures and producers.


Many Perth stone walls are created using CraftStone. Our product is also used in external applications as stone cladding but there has been a push for the stone veneer to be fitted in houses and businesses as an eye-catching stone feature wall. CraftstoneOz have supplied a number of high profile companies with CraftStone such as international franchises like Subway and Nandos, as well as many homes across Australia. It’s lightweight nature and ease of installation makes it an ideal feature for interior design, as there is no need for the structural support that is associated with real stone products, reducing costs and construction time.

Manufactured stone is extremely versatile and can be adapted to most environments, with a minimum of limitations. Possible internal uses include pillars, wall features, fireplaces, chimneys and kitchens.

CraftStone has been used around fireplaces and chimneys as it is not vulnerable to heat, also adding aesthetic appeal. Consistently being used in new construction, CraftStone is also the ultimate choice for renovations, such as old fireplaces as it can easily be applied to old brickwork. With plenty of profiles and colours, there is a choice to suite any theme or taste. The unique corner system allows almost any situation to be clad with CraftStone and eradicates untidy joins.

Traditional stone requires long and expensive labour and craftsmanship to install, which comes at an extreme cost, sometimes more than the actual stone itself. CraftStone is designed to be placed on a wall and can even be fitted by an educated DIY enthusiast. With a 25 year warranty, CraftStone is a quality, durable product that you can rely on.

CraftstoneOz distribute their product nationwide throughout Australia. Make an enquiry to the experienced team at CraftStone to find out how you can use CraftStone to create a Perth Stone Wall. CraftstoneOz also offers numerous accessories to compliment our Stone Veneer range, thus enabling you to create a better stone feature wall. To view them, visit

For stone veneer and Stone cladding Sydney, Stone veneer and Stone cladding Melbourne and Stone veneer and Stone cladding Perth contact your local Craftstone Oz distributor.


If you are in need of a Brisbane website design team to develop your company’s online site, or to redesign your site, Nicholas Burge can do the job for you. With the use of the wordpress templates, he will make a unique site, the content you desire, and a fully functional site, on both ends. With several developmental features, different design styles, and customizable designs for any online business, regardless of the kind of site, or the customers they service, with the proper web design services, and the right template, your online site is truly going to deliver on all fronts.

Free & Open source -
One of the main reasons to use wordpress for your site’s template is the fact that it is completely free. There are no hidden costs if you reach a designated size, or if a certain quota of visitors visit, nor are there hidden fees you will see, based on the style selected, or the format of your site. It is also possible for you to use a variety of codes, making it easily accessible, easy to modify, and easy to create a great looking site, for a very low price.

Plugins -
With wordpress, you can also add a huge selection of plugins ,easily, and make modifications when you choose. From adding pictures, galleries, forums, blogs, shopping carts, or any other add ons, you can quickly and easily do these, and make these modifications, when the format used for your site design is wordpress. So, whether the business owner chooses to adjust, or whether you approach Nicholas and his team of Brisbane website design professionals, they can quickly and easily add, edit, or modify plugins, for anything the business owner desires to add or remove from the company site.

User friendly -
WordPress is probably the most user friendly choice for a website. Whether it is a blog, forum post, or a company site, wordpress is easy to use, and extraordinarily easy to navigate. WordPress is also always improving the CMS, and adding several new features, to make the site even easier to use, and make additions to or subtractions from. All visitors are going to love the ease of use, layout, and the background design choices there are to choose from when they are on a site which is wordpress based.

Themes -
If you want a specific theme for your site, wordpress is the best solution to this concern as well. Whether you choose to go with one of the thousands of free pre existing themes, or whether you would prefer Nicholas and his Brisbane website design team to develop a custom design, with wordpress there are zero boundaries. You can pick the color combinations, designs, layouts, format, font, and the whole aesthetic and style of the page. No matter what the business owner requires, or what style and layout they are searching for, when wordpress is the selected format for their site, they are going to get the overall look they want their customers to see on their end.

Security -
WordPress is also very easy to keep safe. It takes only a few minutes to install, and with consistent updates, adaptations and new security features being added at a frequent rate, business owners can be assured that their site is secure. In turn, customers who utilise the shopping cart feature, or submit other sensitive information on the company’s site, can feel assured that their material and their personal information is fully safe and secure when they visit a particular site.

These are some of the many reasons to choose wordpress as your theme, as opposed to drupal or other web design substitutes. When you are in need of the most professional Brisbane website design company to do the hard yards for you, manage and update your site, and keep it fresh for your customers, Nicholas Burge and his highly trained team will do the work for you. With the most elite team, the industry experience, and the wordpress themes you will love, all business owners will discover what they are looking for with this design team. And, if you do not want to maintain your own site, they will also run and operate your online business for a low monthly fee.


Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy (UGS) is a method of treating varicose veins of any size and it has now mostly superseded older traditional forms of injecting varicose veins under direct vision. Ultrasound is used to guide injections of sclerosant foam by directing the needle tip into the target vein. There is no sedation used with this procedure.

The principle sclerosants now used in Australia and overseas are Polidocanol and Sodium Tetradecyl Sulphate. Both these agents are detergents and because of this property, they can be agitated into a foam. The first published reports on the use of sclerosant foams appeared in 2000 and since then they have come into routine use around the world today. The properties of foam have specific advantages over the use of solutions.

UGS is the optimal form of treatment for the majority of patients with varicose veins. Endovenous Laser Therapy (ELT) is the preferred method if the varicose vein is larger than 6mm in diameter but ELT is only feasible if the vein is straight and deep to the skin.

The source of lumpy varicose veins almost invariably arises from a leakage point from the deep veins into the superficial veins higher up the leg and this position is usually not obvious on the surface of the skin. Therefore the initial ultrasound assessment is imperative in determining the location of the source of this “leak”. Direct treatment at the sight of visible lumpy veins is usually a futile exercise if a primary leak point higher up the leg has not been identified and eliminated.

The initial treatment is directed towards this source with subsequent injections made in a distal direction. The injections can vary from 2 to 10 in number. The duration of treatment is usually less than 30 minutes. A medical grade compression stocking is then applied to the leg and patients then go off for a half hour walk. The stocking needs to be worn for 1 to 2 weeks depending on the severity of the case.

If you are interested in Sclerotherapy Brisbane or Ultrasound veins brisbane, contact The leg vein doctor Brisbane


Companies that offer promotional gifts to clients and staff are using a smart technique to market their business and increase their productivity. Branded gifts are effective tools for marketing a business, and they can also serve to gain the loyalty of customers and workers. Building the trust of staff in the company can be an efficient method to create cohesion within staff and subsequently increase productivity. And the potential doesn’t stop there, as it can develop brand loyalty in clients, resulting in repeat custom and enhanced profitability.

Workers who are valued by owners are motivated to work hard to help the company succeeds. By offering promotional products, companies show that they indeed value their staff and clients, and with a huge range of products to choose from, they can be specially chosen to highlight individual preferences. And obviously, companies should not only work towards pleasing their clients and staff, but also to market the business. Therefore, it is imperative that branded gifts are offered which advertise the company’s products or services.

The choice of branded products is vast, including things such as:

Office Supplies and Desk Accessories

Desk calendars, address books, organisers, and even decorative photo frames are commonly ordered, while supplies such as pen sets, pen sets, and wristbands are also popular. These durable promotional products will market the company for a long time, and ensuring the company logo or a catchy message is included will attract new customers to the businesses.

Branded Corporate Gift Sets

Gift sets like t-shirts, key-rings, hats or notepads give wonderful results too. Companies can use these products to attract potential clients in events such as trade shows or conferences. In addition, they are good incentive gifts for new employees who will feel welcomed and will more easily integrate into the team. Branded gift sets are vital marketing products because people use them in everyday activities.

Rewards and Privileges

In addition to functional gifts, a company may invest in gift coupons, nogotiating with other local businesses to offer discounted rates to their clients and staff. This enhances the company’s profile in the community and will attract more customers, as well as increasing employee or client loyalty.

Your company can buy various promotional products from local shops & via online sources.

Enjoy the marketing power that promotional products offer.


If you are looking for a simple way to change the appearance of your home, without having to do major remodeling work, which is surely going to set you back, something as simple as adding custom roller blinds to the rooms of your home is the ideal solution. Not only are you going to find that there are dozens of custom features you can choose from, but when you choose the right company to purchase from and install, they are also going to provide you with guarantees and warranties, so you know that your purchase is going to be covered, even after they have been in the home for many years.

You choose the material and colors -
With custom roller blinds, you are in charge of material, color, design features, detail, and the fit. Some of the many benefits of custom roller blinds include:
- Your choice of material, from wood to vinyl, hard plastic or cloth, you select the materials.
- You can choose from a solid color, custom colors, or something distinct to really set a room apart.
- You select the design features, length, the cut of the blinds and how they fit over the window sill.
- You can customize any room, so you can choose one color per room, or the same color for uniformity.
Regardless of whether you want something plain, simple, and elegant, or a design that is going to stand out in any home, there are many options to choose from with material and colors.

Special features -
With your custom roller blinds you can also select a number of distinct features including:
- Stain proof material protection.
- Material protection from sun and UV damage.
- Blackout blinds, which will completely block out the sun and UV rays.
- And additional warranties, and features, to ensure your blinds are protected, and are going to be able to withstand any weather conditions, powerful sun light, or other conditions in your local region.

Function -
With custom roller blinds, you can also decide on the operation of the blinds; whether you want electronic roller blinds which will open and close with the touch of a button, or if you are looking for something manual to save, you decide on how they function, and how they open and close. You can choose one method for each room of your home, or mix things up if you want to create a unique style for each room in the home.

Price savings -
When ordering custom roller blinds, it is also possible to find great cost savings; some ways to save, even on the highest quality blinds and materials include:
- Order in bulk, or for every room in the home, so that you can save for the overall price of the job.
- Add warranties, as certain companies provide extended warranties for no additional cost.
- Purchase the custom roller blinds from the same company that installs them in the home.
- Shop around for the best deals, and look for coupons, online codes, and other savings, as many companies will accept these coupons, so you save on the overall price of the new custom roller blinds for your home.

You do not have to over pay, for top quality materials, and for the custom features, colors, and design features you want in the home. As long as you take the time to shop for custom roller blinds, find the right company to work with, and learn about what is available for you, and the different rooms in the home, you can save on the overall price you will pay.

If you want to spruce up the home, but do not want to go through the hassle of remodeling, or the high price of remodeling, new custom roller blinds are a simple solution for any home. They can change up the look and appeal in any room, and any area of the home. You can choose to go with a uniform style throughout the entire home, or choose fun colors, materials, and design features, in each of the rooms of the home. Regardless of what you eventually choose, or what styles you go with, custom blinds are a great addition to any home, and are an affordable option when you are looking for a change.


Painting your residential or commercial property is a tedious and time-consuming task, and you may end up spending more money by performing this job by yourself. With this in mind, it makes perfect sense to choose only the finest professional painter Springwood offers. By relying on experts, you can ensure top quality results that are worth every cent you pay.

Wide Range of Services by Delux Painting
Delux Painting takes pride in its years of expertise in the industry. In fact, the company has a team of dedicated and highly skilled painters that works toward fulfilling your requirements efficiently, so you can expect total satisfaction with the kind of job delivered to you. These professionals are also known for their thorough and effective techniques in painting, as well as their careful attention to even the slightest detail. Thus, your satisfaction is guaranteed with the outstanding services provided by these experts.

At Delux Painting, you can choose from a number of services that will meet your needs and concerns including the following:

Interior Painting
Painting your home’s interiors can be a quick and inexpensive way to revive your property’s overall look while adding value to it. However, this task can take so much of your time, particularly when you have other important matters to attend to. Hence, you should consider hiring expert painters who can provide you with reliable color advice, in-depth consultation and top-notch workmanship that will exceed your expectations. By hiring experts from Delux Painting, you can be sure that your flooring and pieces of furniture are protected while each section of your home is painted. In addition, these experts will thoroughly clean up the mess after a day’s work to minimize stressful disruptions to your schedule. Even when you are on a tight budget, you can consult professional painters at Delux Painting for affordable services that will suit your budget.

Exterior Painting
During the warm months, it is inevitable for most homeowners to spend more time outdoors. If you want to update the look of your outdoor space, you may have the walls of your home repainted to revive the spectacular appearance. Delux Painting uses high quality paint in repainting your home’s exterior that will ensure you of its durable and long-lasting quality. These specialists will also perform essential steps before painting such as surface preparation to provide outstanding results.

Body Corporate and Commercial Painting
By choosing professionals at Delux Painting, you can have the assurance that the exterior paint and materials used are of the finest quality. These painting experts also implement extensive preparation, which serves as a key to ensuring you of breathtaking exterior paint finish in your home that will last for about a decade. Lastly, these expert painters make sure that their quality of performance meets the highest Australian Stanadard, so you can have peace of mind by hiring these professionals.

Property Renovations and Remodelling
Delux Painting has years of experience in renovating and restoring the appearance of old homes. For instance, painting specialists understand the proper techniques that should be implemented before applying fresh paint to any surface. They make sure that old paint is removed thoroughly before they can cover any imperfections in painted surfaces. Among the steps included in the preparation process include sanding, filling gaps and applying putty on specific problem areas. After performing these techniques, fresh paint is applied carefully to the area in order to yield excellent results.

Timber Rejuvenation
Another service provided by Delux Painting is timber rejuvenation, which aims to restore the aged and unsightly appearance of timber materials in your home’s exterior to make your property look astounding. These expert painters only use the finest quality timber decking oils and durable paint finishes that enhance the sturdiness and integrity of your deck for a number of years.

Remarkable Services that You Can Depend On
Delux Painting is a renowned private business that specializes in a number of services such as interior/exterior painting, timber rejuvenation, commercial painting, remodelling and renovations. By consulting these experts for your needs, you can be sure that only the finest services are provided to you by highly qualified, experienced, courteous, reliable and professional painters. With superior workmanship and great value for your money, choosing Delux Painting for your needs is the best way to go.

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Gas fitters are qualified to install and repair natural gas fixtures and appliances. Gas fitters also install related equipment like gas meters, regulators, valves and burners, ensuring that the fixtures and appliances will use gas efficiently and safely. As well as installing pipes and fittings for gas systems, gas fitters also disconnect equipment where necessary, and are able to provide services in residential, commercial or industrial settings. Gas fitters also complete installation of LPG systems in boats and caravans.

Performing a range of tasks related to the repair of gas systems, gas fitters need to consider assignments carefully and plan ahead. Before carrying out an installation, gas fitters need to study and interpret plans, drawings or technical specifications detailing the scope of the project and the materials that will be required to complete the job. They need to have a good understanding of the general plan in order to measure and mark the location where gas lines and equipment will be placed.

Gas fitters must test the pipes that will be used for the gas systems. They cut openings in the walls to place gas pipes after positioning the meters and regulators. These are then measured precisely and bent to link the gas meter to the appliance. The gas fitter also installs the remaining equipment and components, including the burners, valves, automatic controls, flues and vents. Gas fitters also test the gas system by turning on the gas and checking the pipes for leaks, using special gas detection devices. Once final testing has been carried out and the control mechanisms have been adjusted, the gas fitter’s installation work is complete.

In regards to their role in the maintenance of gas systems and appliances, gas fitters may give clients informations on how to utilise and maintain the gas appliances in a correct, efficient and safe way. Gas fitters also provide repair and maintenance services for gas appliances, pipes and/or associated equipment when necessary, and will generally offer a 24/7 service in the case of emergencies like split pipes and leaking gas.

A gas fitter must be qualified and licensed. Formal training is essential in order to obtain qualification, and a number of licenses exist that a gas fitter can have, including permits, authorisations and certificates of competency.

If you are looking for a competent gas fitter for Hot Water System Repairs Brisbane, then contact Smart State Plumbing Services today via their web site.

If you are looking for a competent gas fitter for Hot Water System Repairs Brisbane, then contact Smart State Plumbing Services today via their web site.


Legislation called the Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA) came into effect in Australia on 30 January 2012, and may have an impact on many Australian businesses.

The difficulty in easily explaining this area of law and the many types of securities that are affected, mean many Australian businesses are unaware of the impact of the legislation. In particular, businesses that have for many years employed a tried and tested means of securing interests in specific personal property can find their system no longer provides proper protection of their interests.

Previously your company may have relied on what were variously called Romalpa Clauses or retention of title clauses. If that is so you are certainly likely to be impacted by the new Act, and should ensure you understand how the new Personal Property Securities Register works, to protect your interests.

Businesses that may be affected include those that are:

- Involved in selling goods on credit and who have priorly relied on “Retention of Title” clauses
- Financiers who are seeking clarification of the true assets, security and debt position of a client
- Businesses that lease equipment and plant, vehicles or virtually any other assets
- Companies that provide goods on consignment
- Business owners who are wishing to refinance and need to provide certainty of title in assets

Why do we need it?
Although many businesses and advisors were accustomed to the existing system, it became obvious that the previous mix of inconsistent and old-fashioned state-by-state securities arrangements combined with the Corporations Act rules for companies and other Federal rules were inefficient and would work much more effectively for all parties if they were brought under a single unified approach. The result is a detailed, and hopefully all-encompassing, code which draws on the systems that are in place in countries such as New Zealand and Canada.

PPSA and its operational Register will cover both companies and individuals. It is based on the idea that it is in the best interests for anyone dealing with an individual or company, who may extend credit to that company or individual, to enable them to gain an clear picture of whether apparent assets are in fact owned by that company or individual or just have a registered interest over them.

What should I do?
There are a wide variety of legal and non-legal items available on the web which will help you to gain a clearer picture of whether your business is likely to be affected by the new arrangements. Businesses located in North Queensland, particularly Mackay, should gain advice from a trusted local legal expert who has experience in commercial and business property matters.

This article is not legal advice and must not be relied on relation to any specific legal situation you may have. You should ALWAYS seek the advice of a qualified lawyer before taking any action in relation to your personal or business legal situation.

Looking for mackay solicitors, lawyers mackay or solicitors mackay ? Need advice about PPSA? Kelly Legal has built a formidable and experienced team of Mackay and Brisbane based lawyers who now offer a range of legal services throughout Queensland in all areas of law.


After having done all the basic research and preparation, you’re ready to begin searching for the right property.

This is where it gets really exciting. You need to have your wits about you, because property selection is critical.

When you get to this stage, what you’re looking for is potential for renovation.

You must assess each property not only regarding what it is right now, but what it can be once you’ve renovated it.

The main consideration is the state of the property. You’re searching for something that’s crying out to be renovated, but notabsolutely derelict (unless you love a challenge)!Next you need to think about the mood of the local market, and whether the place could meet them with your improvements.

Finally, you should consider how far you can take the property.
Some places will only need a facelift to bring you a decent profit.
Other properties can be quite transformed, bringing them to the next level and unlocking higher profits.

Generally speaking, there are three types of properties that attract renovators:The ‘Patch ‘n’ Paint’ means it is a solid property, in sound condition structurally but the decor is tired.

It’s begging for fresh paint, carpet, fittings and fixtures, and the garden needs a revamp.
The ‘Fixer-Upper’ is usually older and in rougher condition than the Patch ‘n’ Paint.
The decor needs a revamp, but it should also have a kitchen or bathroom makeover.
The problem child may have structural problems.

It might have cracks in the walls or need a new roof. Possibly the wiring or plumbing is shot and needs replacing. These defects can be very costly to put right but don’t necessarily return any value.

The ‘Knock-Down’ says it all, requiring a complete restoration or demolition. These properties often attract developers, especially if they’re in a great location, on a large block or have fantastic views. From my experience, the best bets for renovating for profit are the ‘Patch ‘n’ Paint’ and the ‘Fixer-Upper’.

The amount of renovation work you should attempt depends on your knowledge, skills, experience and contacts, but the average person should be able to renovate these types of places without too much trouble.
Also, they tend not to have a high level of risk.

Dealing with structural defectsIn general, I advise people to avoid properties that need structural work.

It’s best to spend the renovation budget on improvements that buyers and tenants can see immediately because that’s how you get results.

Spending money on fixing defects that are not seen eats into your renovation budget and you may not see a buyer who appreciates quality, therefore your profits will be reduced.

Basically, tenants and buyers expect a property to have good foundations, wiring and plumbing. They won’t pay extra for it, so the extra expenditure to fix the defect doesn’t add any value.

If you do want to make an offer on a property with structural defects you must get a quote to find out how much it will cost to rectify the problems and factor that into the purchase price.

If the numbers still stack up then go for it. Remember, you can usually negotiate hard because many buyers will be scared off by the “problems”.

Don’t skimp on inspection reportsMany property investors are tempted to save a few bucks by going without an inspection report when they buy a property.

Don’t do it! Termite infestations, dodgy wiring, rotten foundations. There are many possibilities of problems with any structure that the average person won’t notice.

Remember, any one of these problems could cost you big bucks. You wouldn’t buy a second-hand car for $10,000 without a $250 inspection report, so why would you purchase a property for several hundred thousand dollars without an inspection report that just costs a a little more? For your peace of mind get the inspections done. For building inspections brisbane, contact Home Inspect today or visit their web site.

Meeting market demandNow let’s think about people, because renovating for profit is a people business, not a property business.

Tenants or buyers of your renovated property are the source of your profits -from either the rent you receive or the profit you make once it’s sold, so to maximise your return you must develop a property that tenants want to rent and buyers want to buy.

That’s the golden rule if you want to profit from renovating houses.

If you intend to keep the renovated property then you need to research your target tenants for the suburb.
When you match a property to target tenants you’re not going to have down-time with an empty house, or need to discount therent to get someone in.

Talk to property managers and find out what type of properties are most desirable in the area. Tell them you’re looking at buying an investment property in the area, and ask them what tenants prefer.

What sort of property is needed? What kind rents the quickest?In this suburb do tenants prefer houses or apartments? Do they want one, two, or more bedrooms? Do they require parking or not? You should know these facts so you can make an informed decision on what to buy.

If you intend to sell the property once you’ve renovated it, the same principle applies but now you must consider the wants and needs of buyers rather than tenants.

While there are some similarities, there are differences you should cater for.

Finally, although there will be some features of the property you can improve, some features, such as location and aspect, etc, are fixed.
You can do a first class renovation, but if the property backs onto train tracks you can expect to trouble renting and selling it.

That’s why property selection is critical. I always say, you can always improve a property, but you can’t improve its location.

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