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Do you occasionally experience any of the following?

• Having to wait for 24 hours for a doctor to answer questions about your personal or family health.

• Sitting in the waiting from long after your set appointment time and then, wasting more time waiting in the exam room

• Hurried office questions that leave you with multiple questions• Being forced into an office examination when you know a phone call would have been sufficient.

If so, do not worry. You are not alone.


Welcome to Dial a Home Doctor – Australian leading bulk-billed home visiting doctor service. As a patient of Dial a Home Doctor, your will always have a doctor who invest his or her time to know you and your family. In particular, you will enjoy the following benefits associated with hiring our home doctor?Immediate careNo dealing with personal assistance – your personal doctor will be readily available 24/7.
Communication: Reach your after hours doctor via secure mails, personal cell phone or arranged visits. Our doctors make all the effort to see you on the shortest time possible. When routine care or acute problems can be managed through a call, we will do so, thus, saving you more time.

Time: If you decide to work with our after hours doctor, your typical office visit will be a maximum of 30 minutes in most cases. We understand your time is precious and therefore, we offer a “no wait” waiting room for your enhanced convenience.

Personal Care: The current healthcare system in Australia can cause the head to spin! Our after hours doctor will do everything possible to ensure your walk through the maze of pre-approvals, referrals, and visits to other doctors will be as simple and stress-free as possible. We will provide you with all the required information, e-mail, and call specialists when necessary to make your experience good. Our doctors will be the quarterback of your health care team.

Problem Solving: At a dial a home doctor, our doctors are problem solvers. When new health complications related to health arise, they will set aside the necessary time to establish coordinated diagnosis and treatment. This time also allows them to manage a couple of complicated chronic health problems safely. Our doctors keep up-to-date with all the changing and new treatment options and guidelines.

Wellness Care :In order for you to age gracefully, you need to take proper care of your health – your most valuable asset. Our after-hours doctors are your health coaches and advisers; even when it would be hard for you to get the required medical care. Our package includes;

• A full health risk evaluation and physical exam

• Counseling on nutritional needs

• Fitness assessment and exercise prescription

• Detailed preventive cardiology assessment

• Proper diseases screenings and prevention

• 24/7 access to our website, blog and in-depth answers to your emails.

“Whole-istic” Treatment Options:Science is the backbone of medicine, and whenever possible, you healthcare should be based on quality and unbiased research. But medicine is also an art and doctors need to use their common sense and intuition in some cases. Our services are wholistic. Our after hours doctors appreciate that the wholeness that make us human is a combination of our psychology, biology and spirit.

They do not consider themselves to be alternative medicine doctors, but have become adept in filtering the thousands of alternative medical care options available. Some options have low risk, ideally high benefits and seem to be safe. Our doctors recommend them whenever appropriate.

Others are potentially harmful, snake oil, are often scientifically proven to offer no benefit.If you are searching for science-based home doctor who utilizes experience and acquired medical common sense to care for your overall well-being and filter what you hear from the media, our doctors are right for you.
National Care Network: Our after hours doctor are connected with a national care network of private physicians. If they feel your condition cannot be managed over the phone and a visit is not possible (maybe you are on travel), they can arrange for you to be seen by another doctor in their office. Most major cities are represented.

Visit flexibility: We fully understand that you have busy schedules that sometimes do not allow for weekday visits. We have weekend visits available as well. What more, since we do not depend on physical visits alone, phone calls are a great option too. Even for some complex illnesses.
If you have any question or you would like to book a free first time consultation, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help and to answer any question you might have.


Used at building and mine sites, dump trucks dig up and move tons of dirt, rocks and sand. Some of these machines are so big that they can’t be driven on streets or highways, and instead are shipped in pieces from the factory to the work area, where they are then put together.

The Caterpillar 797B is the largest mechanical dump truck inthe world at 14.m in length. It weighs 306 tons, with each tyre being 4m high -taller than a basket-ball hoop. The truck is taller than a two-storey building, and its height doubles when the back of the dump truck, called a bed, is tilted to dump its load. This type of dump truck can carry up to 380 tons of thick, oily sand dug from a mine.

A giant dump truck needs a loader almost as big to fill it up. With its bucket raised, the largest loaders reach over 13 metres in height.

A worker in the loader operates the machine’s bucket, which scoops up sand or other materials and lifts it over a dump truck. The bucket then tips and drops the material into the dump truck’s bed. Loaders can hold up to 80 tons -similar to lifting more than 1,000 adults at once.

Similar to a loader, a hydraulic shovel is used at mines to lift heavy loads of coal, rock and sand. Liquid flows inside the machine, which creates pressure that helps the shovel move and lift.

The world’s largest hydraulic shovel is the Terex RH 400 -pronounced T-rex, it’s named after the dinosaurs because it is so large. It’s over 13 metres long and can lift 94 tons.

Some earthmovers just move earth, but most bulldozers can tear up the ground and push it away.

At the rear of some bulldozers is a steel spike, called a ripper, whichcan be pushed into the ground like a sharp claw. The bulldozer then moves away and the ripper does its job, easily tearing up solid rock or concrete.

Bulldozers also have a wide blade at the front, which can push about 240 tons of earth -enough power to push a large airplane. Bulldozers tear down houses, buildings or trees that stand in their way, and of course, move earth.

Instead of tyres, bulldozers move on rubber or metal tracks that help them grip the gound. The wide tracks also spread out the machines’ huge weight so that they don’t sink into the earth.

Most substances that modern man uses is mined from the earth. Mining provides such things as iron, aluminium, gravel, salt, diamonds, and silicon for making computer chips. Coal is mined to provide energy -in days past it was commonly used in peoples homes to provide heating, but now it is mostly used to transform the above-mentioned raw materials into finished products. Most substances obtained through mining are classified as minerals, but that term generally excludes coal, petroleum, and natural gas.

Some valuable substances are found at the ground’s surface and can be mined cheaply, but others lie far beneath the surface and can be removed only by deep underground mining.

Around 3500 BC, people began mining tin and copper. They combined these metals to make bronze, a harder alloy for use in making tools and weapons. The ancient Romans recognised that mining metals could make a nation rich and powerful, and took over the mines of the countries they conquered, mining gold, silver and lead. The Roman Empire split apart in the AD 400s, and very little mining advancements occurred over the next thousand years.
In the 1400s, coal, iron and other materials were mined in Europe and in South America, and in the late 1500s European miners began using gunpowder to blast through rock, with this practice becoming widespread by the 1700s.

Mines are built where a mineral is not too difficult to recover, some lying near the surface, and others far underground. To be considered worth mining, a deposit must contain a sufficient quantity of ore, rock or earth from which the mineral can be extracted at a profit.

Mining techniques vary based on the location and shape of a mineral deposit and experts generally divide mining methods into three categories: Surface, underground, and hybrid.

There are several underground methods. Drift mines have horizontal (level) openings, and generally occur where ore reaches all the way to the surface. Slope mines have a downward incline that leads to deeper deposits of ore. Shaft mines use completely vertical shafts to reach ore deeper than about 230 metres beneath the surface of the earth.

There are three categories of mining techniques:

1. Self-supporting
Self-supported mining techniques rely on the ore itself to suport workers and the overlying material. Workers excavate as much coal as possible from a horizontal deposit, leaving pillars of coal to support the rock above. This technique is used for flat deposits of coal. A similar technique called stope-and-pillar mining is used for thicker and more irregular horizontal deposits of minerals such as limestone, salt and potash.

Another self-supported mining technique called shrinkage stoping, progresses upward and uses blasted and broken ore as a work platform for further mining.

Broken rock takes up more space than solid rock. Some of the rock must therefore be removed from the stop (excavate area) to provide space afor further drilling and blasting.

Vertical crater retreat mining, a patented self-supported mining method, uses specialised explosives to break the ore from the bottom upward. Workers can leave the broken ore in the stope to help mainatin the stability of the stope walls.

2. Supported
Supported mining typicall uses the cut-and-fill technique, where miners remove horizontal ‘slices’ of ore, starting at the bottom of the ore and move upward. After excavating a slice of ore, miners fill the hole with waste material from ore-processing plants, often adding cement to increase the strength of the fill. This material supports the walls and provides a working platform fro which to mine the next ore slice.

3. Caving
Caving techniques allow parts of the mine to collapse or cave, under controlled conditions.

Longwall mining is an extremely efficient caving technique. Using a machine to cut or break ore from a single face that can be up to 360 metres long, hydraulic roof supports hold up the roof above the miners, and as they dig farther into the seam, the supports advance with them, and the roof behind the hydraulic supports collapses.

In block caving, miners divide the ore into large panels or blocks. They then undercut a panel with a horizontal slot. The rock and ore above the slot fracture and cave into the slot. Large machines remove the ore from the slot and transport it to vertical or inclided ipenings, whre it is removed from the mine.

Pumping methods involve the the extraction of minerals in a liquid form. The waters of the ocean and of some lakes, contain huge amounts of dissolved minerals, and miners obtain these mineral by pumping the water into plants where it is treated. In such plants, pumps move large amounts of water through devices called precipitators that draw the mineral out of the wter. Much of the magnesium used today is obtained by this method.

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Are you building your dream home? Renovating? Good planning results in value for money and avoids costly rebuilds because of a change of mind, or missing out on energy-saving devices and designs.
Write a wish list of everything you want your house to have, and include qualities such as ‘light and airy’ in addition to specifics. After all, it’s more important how your home functions and makes you feel rather than how many square metres it is.
Light, neutral colours are recommended for permanent finishes like bench-tops and tiles, with bolder accent colours for feature items like walls or decorative objects. By doing this, when you feel like a change you can update the style cost effectively.
Living area
It’s definitely best when the living space flows from inside to outside, so have your outdoor living area as an extension of the lounge and kitchen -this doubles your living area and makes family life easier as children are much happier playing outside when they can see indoors where you are.
Considering energy-savings, ensure that there are openings on more than one side of your living area to let breezes through in summer and reduce the use of air-conditioners. In general, place glass facing north to bring light into the house for most of the day, and consider high windows to release hot air as it rises. Ensure windows are double-glazed with good seals to keep in winter warmth.
A good kitchen leaves room to move but is compact enough to allow easy reach between various activities.
– Make sure the kitchen isn’t a thoroughfare.
– Allow for bench space between the sink and the cooktop, as this is the most convenient area to prepare food.
– Install drawers of differing depth under bench height rather than cupboards -they offer better access to items.
– Situate dishwashers near sinks for easy loading. This also means plumbing is in one space and therefore saves money.
– Multi-bin sorters under sinks are a good idea – you’re able to separate your rubbish for recycling straight away.
– For safety, have rounded bench-top corners and factor in at least one cupboard that can be locked for harmful substances.
– The fridge uses the most electricity of all appliances, so choose one with a high energy star rating. Allow a gap around the fridge of at least 50mm for good ventilation.

5-Star Green Designing
Having rainwater tanks means you family can use pure water free from the many contaminants and additives that may be present in public supply. Consider the optimum location for tanks and wastewater systems, and integrate them with the initial design to avoid having them look like an ‘add-on’ later on.
Leave space for an outdoor washing line and also think about the best place for rubbish bins, recycling bins, worm farms or compost bins.
Use a mix of planting and paving, as too much concreting or paving can mean pooling of water and drainage problems. Consider ‘permeable’ paving that allows rain to seep through to the soil underneath.
When planting trees, be careful to place them so their roots won’t cause damage to walls or footings.

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Brisbane is the most populous city in Queensland with a population of over 2 million. It, therefore, follows that there are many businesses, companies, institutions, and other organizations here. You will need a good logo if your organization is to stand out.

A good logo enhances brand value, it gives you an edge over the competition, it identifies you, it makes you memorable and it captivates your target audience. There are several mistakes that people commonly make in logo design Brisbane. Understanding these mistakes will help you avoid falling into the same trap.

People often make the mistake of not translating the logo for different cultures and into different languages. You should learn from Coca Cola who have their logo in different languages, but still identifiable as the Coca Cola logo (such as Koka Kola in Cyrillic).

Many people fail to do design protection after logo design Brisbane. Protect the logo through international Intellectual Property organizations so that it cannot be stolen by other people or institutions. This is important because conventional trademark registration is limited in that you cannot lay claim to such things as the color used.

Avoid the common mistake of having a logo that is too realistic or overly complex. The best logo is one that is symbolic and simple. If you try to bring in too many design concepts, there is a risk that your logo will be confusing.

Although you do not want an overly complex logo, this is not an excuse to have a poorly designed logo. Your logo should maximize on the use of negative and positive space. The shape and the color should work well together.

Unoriginal and clichéd logos are all too common. This is a dangerous logo design Brisbane because your logo will be boring and will not attract new clients. Ensure that your logo has some movement – a simple company name inside a circle will not do. It is important that the logo is very different from that of your competitors.

Google ‘bad logos’ and you will find many logs that have unintended implications/subliminal meanings. It is important that you test your logo by having different people look at it during the logo design Brisbane stage to ensure there are no unintended implications.

You should not follow trends during logo design because trends change. Avoid bit map/raster images in your logo because these are not scalable. You should not use too many typestyles/fonts as this would be look messed up and not appealing.

There are many logo design templates available on the Internet, but you should avoid them in favor of experienced professionals, customized logo design. This will give you a unique logo. A logo design Brisbane professional has the training, experience, and tools necessary to do a good job.


WordPress is one of the leading publishing platforms for most bloggers on the Internet and if you are running an online enterprise, you are also better off having a WordPress blog or website for your business. Originally a blogging platform, WordPress has morphed into a web platform that helps users create instant sites that are customizable with a variety of themes and plug-ins. Although there’s a short learning curve when it comes to using WordPress effectively as your main website, anyone can learn how to do so with a good WordPress course. WordPress training Brisbane is ideal for anyone in the area who is looking to learn about the basics of setting up a WordPress website, how to keep it up and running and how to optimize the site for targeted search traffic.

WordPress Training for Your Business: Taking Your Business to the Next Level
If you do not have a website for your business, you are putting yourself at a distinct disadvantage from those who maintain an active online presence. A website is your online portal, the place where you brand, products and services are made accessible to a global audience. Without a good website you are limited to traditional modes of advertising and losing potential clients to more -tech savvy competitors. The good news is that you do not need an extensive knowledge in website-making in order to get a website up and running. This is where WordPress comes in handy, because it allows anyone with the most basic knowledge of the Internet to have a website up and running in matter of hours.

Why Choose WordPress?
WordPress is the perfect option because it is an open source system and it already lays down the foundations for anyone to build a website in just one day. WordPress comes with a wide array of functionality and features, however, so you need to spend a few hours learning what features are best for you and what WordPress features you can do without. WordPress has thousands of themes, both free and paid, as well as plug-ins that will extend the capabilities of your website. You need to know what features and plug-ins will provide the most benefit to your site and which plug-ins will only slow it down. For example, experts will recommend that for business enterprises, using WordPress pages, not posts is a better option if you want to create a structure for a standard website. Adding a separate blog is also a good idea so that entrepreneurs will have a space where they can post updates and connect with customers on a more personal level.

Wordpress has also improved the support system for business users with Business, which is composed of forums and direct email support to provide help when users encounter problems as they set-up their sites. This section also contains useful information for those who are just starting out with a WordPress site and are not too confident if they are on the right track. With these resources and practical help gained from a WordPress training course, anyone can create a successful site that is efficient and effective for online marketing in just a matter of hours.

Wordpress is a great option for entrepreneurs because it is one of the most widely-used blogging platforms today so once set up, you can connect with other WordPress users and start carving out an audience. Interaction with non-Wordpress users is also easy and convenient, since the platform allows non-users to comment and browse through WordPress sites with minimal identification requirements and cross-linking with social networking platforms.

A WordPress training course is tailored to help you navigate these areas so that at the end of the day you are able to create a WordPress website that will take your business to the next level. A website is easy to make with WordPress as your platform but tweaking it so that it reflects your brand and personality and so that it becomes an effective marketing machine is another story. With a WordPress course ( ), you can learn these skills directly from the experts in practical, small group courses where you are given hands-on and personalized instruction tailored to the niche you want to occupy.


An osteopath examines and helps treat the underlying cause of such problems, which often originate from the musculo-skeletal system. Osteopathy is a holistic practice that uses a series of soft, manipulative movement and pressure to release tensions in the body and align the joints, bones and muscles correctly. It aims to eliminate the underlying reasons for various aches in the body and aims to improve the overall functioning of body organs. This treatment is suitable for people of all ages, from babies to the elderly.

In the human body, bones and muscles (musculo-skeletal system) perform a very important function of being a foundation for the other body organs and giving the body its shape. Sometimes this system becomes mis-aligned and fails to function correctly, and this can cause myriad problems such as digestive disorders, depression, aches and pains and general ill health.

Osteopathy has increased in popularity in recent years and more people have used it to successfully treat problems like joint pains, migraines, stiff and aching neck, lower back pain, and fatigue among many others. If you are a resident of Brisbane who has already sought treatment for the mentioned problems without success, consider consulting an osteopath in your area. Search the internet for “osteopaths Brisbane”. All you need to do is go to a search engine page like Google and type “osteopaths Brisbane” and the results will come up instantly. Additionally, you can check the yellow pages or directory under the section “osteopaths Brisbane.” Whichever method you use, you will get lists of qualified, registered practitioners to choose from.

Once you book an appointment with an osteopath, you will have a consultation session that may last around 30 minutes or more. The osteopath will examine your medical history, lifestyle, work, emotional health and so on. Generally, the number of visits to the practitioner or length of treatment depends on the problem and the course of treatment is tailored to suit each individual’s needs. Simpler problems will require fewer sessions. The more difficult cases may require ongoing long-term treatment.

Osteopathy is an expanding profession and with demand for osteopathy services increasing, the profession is set to offer more opportunities and good career prospects for those who choose to study it. To qualify as an osteopath, one is required to complete a four to five-year full-time program successfully after which one is eligible for registration with the State Registration Board. One can choose a three-year degree in clinical science that is followed by a two-year Master in Health Science or a degree in Applied Science and Osteopathic Science.

The training course varies with different learning institutions. However, the undergraduate program includes most of the supervised clinical courses taught in medicine alongside other osteopathic subjects. The difference with medicine is that there is less of surgery, pharmacology and biochemistry and more emphasis on hands on training. Those who qualify as osteopaths are required to complete at least 30 hours of postgraduate training every year.

Osteopathy offers a rewarding career to those who like helping patients lead healthier lives. One can join an existing practice and work with other practitioners or start a new practice. For osteopaths Brisbane, visit


Laser Hair Removal is a becoming a popular treatment, as the current fashion for both men and women is to have the clean look consisting of little or no body hair. Excess or unwanted hair growth is usually a result of genetics, hormones or certain medications. Recent advances in the technology have meant that the hair removal treatments are now a lot more effective and there is less risk of side effects from occurring, making it safer for consumers.

When discussing Laser Hair Removal, it is important to note that the body has 3 cycles of hair growth – Anagen (active), Catogen (transitional) and Telogen (resting). The laser energy destroys hairs in the Anagen or active phase, targeting the cells at the base of the hair follicle which are responsible for hair growth. As Laser Hair Removal targets only the hairs in the active phase, only a percentage of hairs are treated with each session. A series of treatments is required to clear an area, though less hair will return with each treatment and the regrowth will become fine, soft and sparse.

Laser hair removal treatments target melanin which is the dark pigment contained within the hair. Red hair contains a different type of melanin and consequently the treatments can be less effective for redheads.
The area must be shaved prior to treatment to allow the laser energy to be directed under the skin, and not to heat up the surface by having dark hair above the skin level. Any plucking or waxing must be stopped for several weeks before starting treatment, as the hair needs to be in the follicle for it to work.

The effectiveness of the Laser Hair Removal treatments is mostly dependant on the quality of machine used, the parameters or correct setting and proper candidate selection. An ideal candidate for Laser Hair Removal has light coloured skin and dark coloured hair. This stark contrast of colour allows the laser light to easily target the hair and pose little or no risk of harm to the skin. This is also why it’s important to avoid sun exposure and tanning when undergoing a course of permanent hair removal treatments.

It is important for the full area to be treated by the laser with each hair removal appointment so hairs are not missed. Any missed patches will require additional treatments in the future and the area may look patchy or have uneven hair growth. Hairs that do not fall out or shed within about 14 days have usually not been treated effectively. This is due to poor spacing by the operator or incorrect technique, which can often be avoided by finding a reputable laser clinic that has licensed and experienced operators.

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Updating the look of your home should be pleasant and shouldn’t have you worried about spending more than you can. Whether it is adding a few fresh pieces of furniture, some accessories or a new coat of paint, there are tons of ways to update the look of your home. To give you somewhere to start, we have put together advice that will to help you save, while still creating some fresh looks that are fun and affordable for every room of the house:

White furniture is a hot favourite for the bedroom. It’s a minimalistic look that’s easy to update. If you want to keep it all white, add some neutral tones or inject some brighter colours. This can be done easily by changing the colour of a pillow, lamp or a rug.

Floating shelves are also very affordable and can be a great update, and can also add some bonus storage.

Mirrors are also a great way to improveyour home for less. They can make rooms look bigger and brighter as well. A new painting or even a framed poster is a great way to make a quick and easy change, without the hefty price tag.

Lounge & Dining
The Lounge and dining areas of your home are usually the two areas which are paid the most attention to in terms of decorating. Lounges and chairs are key to this setting, especially when entertaining family and friends. Get the most out of your sofa by choosing a simple colour that you can update with cushions, throw rugs or even by a brightly coloured rug.

Also consider a neutral coffee table or lamp table. Again, a good shade can be extremely versatile for your lounge and dining areas and when combined with a black lounge, this creates a sharp contrast and a modern edge.

Creating a clutter free workstation or study environment doesn’t mean large steel cabinets to hide all those papers. Get organised with some simple storage solutions that allow you to focus on the more important things in life. Don’t forget to add photo frames, a subtle lamp so you can see clearly and even a plant or some fresh flowers to lighten your room up and make it a place in the house to enjoy!

So use these tips to create a great new look for less! If you are looking to update your home decor with some new furniture, or outdoor furniture, make sure you see what Super A Mart has to offer for furniture and homewares.


Queenslandwide steel rainwater tanks are an increasingly common sight across the Australian suburban landscape, and for good reason. We live in a hot, dry country where every drop counts, and many homeowners are eager to protect the earth’s precious resources and save money at the same time. While earlier models tended to be bulky and unattractive, the latest domestic water tanks are specially designed to fit into awkward spaces and complement modern architecture. Steel is proving to be the correct choice, not only for its stylish looks, but for its durability.

Space is a premium on urban blocks with smaller land sizes. Because of this Queenslandwide’s extensive range of custom-size slimline water tanks are increasingly popular in urban areas of Australia, where space is a real problem. These slimline water tanks have evolved so oval tanks, rectangular tanks and other configurations meet the needs of customers who don’t have the space to fit the traditional round water tanks on their blocks.

The benefits of a steel rainwater tank for your home are considerable and will offer you plenty of return on your investment, and you don’t need to live in a rain forest area or a high rain density area to have one.

Australia is now embracing the water tank phenomenon and at Queenslandwide Tanks, we are here to help you with all you need to know when it comes to rainwater harvesting. When you invest in a Aquaplate water tank, you will be able to collect most of the rain that falls on your roof if you have it connected to your gutters and downpipes. For example, if 10mm of rain falls onto about 100m2 of your roof, you will collect about 1000 Litres of rainwater into your water tank. Just imagine, after 4 days of light rain you could easily harvest around 4000 litres of rainwater.

The benefit of rainwater tanks are endless and of course ensures that your home becomes environmentally friendly. You can reduce the amount of water used from the main supply therefore reducing your drain on this precious resource. By reducing the demand on mains water to your home, you will reduce your water bills, and by connecting the rainwater tank to a rainwater pump you will be able to water your gardens, wash your cars and fill your swimming pool whenever you want at no cost.

The other benefits of installing a Slimline rain water tank in your home are the government rebates now available to residents across Australia. And did you know that rainwater is actually less salty than dam supplies therefore it is much healthier for your gardens and appliances like your washing machine as they will actually be better of using rain water. The other benefit of owning rain water tanks means that you will never have to worry about water restrictions around the home for washing your car and watering your garden.

Imagine how easy it would be to wash your car with rainwater whenever you like, and imagine how beautiful your lawn and plants are going to look when you start using rainwater for your garden.

It’s best to use the water in the tank on a regular basis so there is always storage capacity available in the water tank when it rains. By connecting your water tank to a washing machine or toilet, you will get good use of the tanks supply and will allow rainfall to re-fill the rain water tank more often. By using the water tank this way you will maximize the amount of rainwater you will harvest and the money you will save.

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If you are looking for a house cleaning company, the best place to get started would be by asking your friends, colleagues and neighbors whether they can recommend some cleaning service that they might have used in the past. However, it is possible that no one in your circle has used a professional cleaning service before. In this case, it can be challenging to hire a cleaning company which can do a high quality job at a competitive price.

The following 6 tips will help you evaluate house cleaning companies and hire the company that is best suited for your purpose:

1. Speak With Multiple House Cleaning Companies

Make sure that you request detailed quotations from more than one cleaning company. This will allow you to compare all the services and determine which company will give you the best value for your money. If you have any special cleaning requirements, make sure that all the companies provide an estimate for that too.

Speaking with these companies will also help you evaluate their professionalism to a certain extent. Now, a professional appearance during a sales call doesn’t guarantee that you will experience the same professionalism in their service. However, an unprofessional treatment during the sales phase should help you rule out a number of house cleaning companies that are likely to be a waste of your time.

2. Check The Company Background

There are many ways in which you can check the cleaning company’s background and service history. The best way would be to speak with the company’s past and existing clients to know what their experience with the company has been like.

Companies who do a good job and take pride in their work won’t mind putting you in touch with some of their customers. However companies who have a low customer satisfaction rate might not want to do this. This helps you eliminate some more cleaning companies that may not be right for you.

You can also do a quick check on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to check for any complaints or feedback for a house cleaning company you are considering. Not all cleaning companies are members of the BBB but it doesn’t take long to perform this check.

3. Check For Insurance

Beware of hiring a cleaning company which doesn’t have insurance covering its clients’ houses. And don’t just take the salesperson’s word that the company has an adequate insurance cover. You can request the cleaning company to have their insurance company send a copy of the certificate of insurance to you by fax or mail.

4. Get A List Of Services That Will Be Performed

Be aware of all the services that will be included in the package. The last thing you want is to realize that something that you wanted isn’t included in the cleaning package and you have to pay extra for that. It’s best if the list of services, frequency of servicing and other details are included in the contract to avoid any future misunderstanding.

5. Cleaning Equipment & Supplies Requirement

Establish an understanding with the house cleaning company about who will be responsible for the cleaning equipment and supplies. Some companies insist on using their own equipment and supplies while other companies don’t mind using the equipment and supplies of the client.

6. Consider All The Fees While Making A Decision

Apart from the advertised cleaning service fees, a house cleaning company may charge additional fees for things like schedule change, contract cancellation, etc. Discuss these fees and read the contract to avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road.

These tips can help you create some sort of a checklist which you can use to narrow down on the house cleaning company that best suits your purpose and budget. Spending a little time upfront in researching the cleaning companies can save you a lot of time, money and headache down the road.

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